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Issue Analysis

The Obama Record: Deep Poverty, Homelessness & Pain


Under Barack Obama: Deep poverty is at record a high level, homeless families are on the rise, and the media is silent.

Obama Unemployment

Barack Obama is not just the food stamp president.
A record one in seven Americans in on food stamps today thanks to Barack Obama.

But that's not all.
Barack Obama is also the poverty and pain president.
Under Obama 6.4 million Americans are living below the poverty line and there is a record number of Americans living in deep poverty.
PJ Media reported:

The nation’s homelessness czar in the George W. Bush administration says that programs enacted back then have had a dramatic effect on cutting the chronically homeless population, but warns that families are increasingly being left out in the cold as the economy struggles to recover.

“There have never been as many poor people in our country as there are now,” Philip F. Mangano told PJM today, adding that the “highest number ever in the history of our country” are living in “deep poverty,” which is 50 percent below the poverty line and under.

“One of the great indicators of homelessness is poverty,” he said. “Poverty is the waystation before you fall into homelessness.” And with the economic indicators such as the unemployment rate stagnant as they have been, “you can anticipate more people falling into homelessness.”

They’re startling, tragic facts that rarely make headlines in a campaign dominated by conversations about the middle class and a Congress inundated in debate over middle- and upper-income tax cut extensions.

“The poverty rate has never jumped higher than in the past few years and the media is silent on it,” Mangano said. “Most media coverage is focused on middle-class trauma during the recession, not focused on the very poor.”

With Obama we have more and more poverty and more and more pain.
America can't take four more years of his failed policies.


The great welfare society is taking form. With a steep demand for more taxes from government many climbing the economic ladder have been forced off as the American middle class morphs into the working poor. Hard work and making the best out of every possible opportunity seem to be waning as American ideals of exceptionalism. Learn more about how Obama's recession is TRANSFORMING our country forever.

Thank You and God Bless America

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