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The ObamaCare “Train Wreck” - Baucus the Conductor Jumps Before the Carnage

Democracy and Power 106: A Politician Receives No Financial Gain for Good Policy or Punishment for Bad Policy

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. —Thomas Sowell

In a democracy, a politician has no ownership-interest in the state. There is no financial gain for wise policy decisions; nor is there a financial loss for bad decisions.  A politician’s rewards are immediate – power, prestige, and perquisites.

The ObamaCare “Train Wreck” - Baucus the Conductor Jumps Before the Carnage

“I just see a huge train wreck coming down,”  exclaimed Senator Baucus.  Three years after being a major force in cobbling ObamaCare, Mr. Baucus is attempting to blame Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, for mismanaging the implementation of ObamaCare.  This is disingenuous.

There were four large forces passing ObamaCare;President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, Speaker of the House Pelosi and Baucus, the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  These four connived, threatened, and bribed members of Congress, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, medical devise makers, pharmaceuticals  and almost every entity associated with health care. This is just one example of their many transgressions.  Remember the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Kickback, today states received additional Medicaid money in exchange for two Senators' votes in favor of ObamaCare.   

Similar deals and inducements - bribes – were made between Baucus and his former staff members, who are now lobbying for the likes of the electric, pharmaceutical and the insurance industries.    Clearly, Baucus knows the multitude of inducements and promises to voters, care providers and the medical industry will be broken and restructured.  For example, the medical devise tax is just the beginning of inducements gone awry.  [Read: Senators Voted for ObamaCare - Now Protect Medical Device Makers from a Tax Increase

Additionally, the cost projections severely understate the actual cost of ObamaCare.  Baucus, as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, knows the accounting gimmicks and frauds perpetrated by the White House and Congress to justify ObamaCare.  

In reality, the stench of all the deals with his former staffers representing big industries and false cost projections are the real progenitor of the “train wreck coming down.”  Facing an election, Baucus jumped from the wreck in progress before it becomes a calamity.

Now, he says he wants to devote himself to a comprehensive tax reform.  Without question, his former staffers are salivating at the possibility of garnering one last deal with their departing Chair of Senate Finance.   Watch out America.