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ObamaCare: Congress Ceded Power to the President and the Bureaucrats

Democracy and Power 115: Other Power Players

The federal bureaucracy is an enormous player in policy and politics.

ObamaCare:  Congress Ceded Power to the President and the Bureaucrats

When the Democrats controlled the Senate and the House, they passed ObamaCare.  In order to cobble together enough votes, the law was intentionally left vague and granted enormous authority to the bureaucrats to promulgate rules and regulations.

Today, the law has become worse than a “train wreck.”   Through the deceit and deceptions by Mr. Obama and the manipulations by bureaucrats, millions of Americans have lost their insurance, will be paying higher monthly payments and are exposed to higher deductibles.  Undoubtedly, this“train wreck” is directly caused by our President and his administration.  

Very important for all Americans to know is that this “train wreck” is inherent and integral to all big government programs – banking, environment, welfare and the rest.  Invariably, the disconnect between the makers of the law (Congress) and the implementers (bureaucrats) impairs the mission and intent of the law. Congress passes laws, but is completely dependent on the President and his bureaucracy to implement and report on the status of the law.

The case in point is ObamaCare.  Senator Max Baucus was the main author of the law, but had little knowledge or input over the rules, regulations, waivers, extensions and the hundreds of decisions exerted by President Obama and his bureaucrats.  In a recent Senate hearing, Baucus exposed why government programs invariably fail:

“Make no mistake, I believe in this law. I spent two years of my life working on the Affordable Care Act. There is nothing I want more to succeed.  But months ago I warned that if implementation did not improve, the marketplace might struggle…We heard multiple times that everything was on track. We now know that was not the case.”

Speaking to Kathleen Sebelius, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of ObamaCare, Baucus lectures the bureaucrat-in-charge:  “You’ve got to tell us what the problems are.... The more you don’t tell us, the greater the problem is going to be.”

Ah...the curse of big government.  Again, Congresses pass laws, but are completely dependent on the President and his bureaucracy to implement, honestly collect information and apprise Congress, and the public, on the status and efficacy of the law.  

Harmfully and invariably, programs and policies morph at the will and direction of the president and his bureaucracy.  Welfare is a recent example.  The Obama Administration by administrative rule has greatly reversed the intent – work requirements - of the 1996 welfare reform. 

As for environmental policies, remember Solyndra.  It was the bureaucracy following the direction of the President that made all the terrible loans to solar and wind energy schemes.  

Without a doubt, the bigger our government becomes, the less the President has a capacity to be knowledgeable and the bureaucracy's power dangerously expands.  Only a much smaller government with limited to defined functions will stop the continuing “train wrecks” and dysfunctional government.   Of course, this was the intent of the Constitution, which has been undermined by politicians and bureaucrats of all political persuasions – Democrats and Republicans.  

Only when We the People demand small, honest and competent government will America restore liberty and again flourish civilly, economically and culturally.

Vlad Jersian

Just a short comment regarding your second oppening paragraph... Yes, millions of Americans will lose (not lost yet since we are in 2013) their insurance policies.. but, for many reasons. As in the past, companies discontinue Health Insurance policies as a business decision. The cost of the policy for the same coverage could have risen higher than what they think they can afford. So, either they have to get a policy with less coverage or ask the employee to pay for more out of pocket and more towards the premium.. or, discontinue the policy altogether and not provied coverage... that would rarely happen since many employees might just leave if they were all dropped... So, what has occured over the last 10 or 15 years.. Many millions of policies shrank down to just a fraction of what they where at first... Since this was a "gradual" process that took many years, it because almost unnoticed... UNTIL.. an employee had to actually try to USE the insurance policy... and.. low and behold.. it actually covered very little.. and they were stuck holding tens and hundreds of dollars of Medical Bills and Debt.... With the new "Minimum Standards".. these are the policies that are no longer being offered for sale.. they are not Bronze nor Silver nor Gold policies.. they are J for Junk policies.. or I for Illegal policies... I don't think anyone was DECEIVED or LIED TO or even MISSINFORMED regarding these changes... but rather people were just not paying attention to what was going on.. not until they got a notice in the mail......

Yes, some people will see higher monthly premiums (but when haven't they?) for policies that are still LEGAL.. but, they now ARE GETTING A LOT MORE in their policies.. the basket of goods you had before are now filled with some VERY EXPENSIVE GOODIES.

Oh, btw... if you are no longer in a GROUP plan.. or if you always were in the INDIVIDUAL Market... You may now be elligible for a Goverment Subsidy if your below 4 Times the poverty level for your family size... that's a biggie for all Lower Class and for some MIddle Class families.

Regarding a Higher Deductible? That again would be the Employers decision and nothing to do with Obamacare... As a matter of fact... Deductible have been "capped" in Obamacare and if your in the Sliver or Gold market.. most deductible are 2,000 or less.

Rodney Huckleberry's picture
Rodney Huckleberry

Do some research on history of all countries. Obamacare has little to do with health insurance and how affordable it is. The phrase 50 years ago, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, didn't last long. John Kennedy I believe was the last of the true Constitutional Democrat politicians. Constitutional Republicans are getting just as hard to find though those in existence are making their voices heard loud and clear. So study history and the rise and fall of countries. Study the periods of prosperity and the fall of prosperity in this country. Stop thinking just about Obamacare. Stop thinking about what your country can do for you. It has nothing to do with affordable care. When you get up tomorrow ask what does my country require from me to today, what can't I do, what can't I eat, what can't I say, and soon you'll be saying what can't I think. Do you really feel free today? Really?

Ron Tuttle

Vlad, this is not (supposed to be) a communist or socialist country. Your neighbor is not supposed to be paying for all or some of your policy. If you have been watching TV you can't miss the clear majority of people who are losing policies and doctors that were doing what they were supposed to do, policies and doctors they liked. We had an issue of a very small group of folks who did not have insurance policies. Democrats took that number and added folks in between policies and folks who did not want policies and tried to create a crisis that did not even measure on the richter scale. They refused input by republicans, because they wanted a solution to deal with only those who were not able to get a policy and forced a wholesale change in the system that ruined the system for everybody. And if you can't see the lies in this argument I can only conclude that socialism is your religion.

Now that this socialist hunk of garbage is here democrats' response to any change by republicans is, "Hey, it was upheld by the supreme court, get over it, it is settled law now." Well, Vlad, the democrat supreme court upheld slavery not all that many years ago. Was that a good decision too? Hey, it was upheld, get over it?

This is hopefully still a representative republic, not the banana republic Obama, and maybe you, are pushing us toward. So we are not going to 'Get Over It" just like we republicans did not get over so called settled law in regard to slavery.