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Obamacare Cuts Hitting Community Colleges

Around America, employers are cutting employee hours to avoid the burdensome costs of Obamacare. This has been the case at several restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and, ironically, hospitals. Although employers had warned that this would be necessary were Obamacare upheld, many didn't heed the warning from job creators.  Now as taxes and regulations loom, the effects are becoming maybe even more far reaching than previously thought. 

Institutions such as private community colleges are now taking a hit as well. Community College Of Allegheny County will be cutting course loads and hours for approximately 200 adjunct faculty members. In addition, nearly 200 additional employees in other roles will have their hours cut. This will help the CCAC to avoid paying up to $6 million in Obamacare fees. 

"While it is of course the college’s preference to provide coverage to these positions, there simply are not funds available to do so," David Hoovler, executive assistant to the president of CCAC said "Several years of cuts or largely flat funding from our government supporters have led to significant cost reductions by CCAC, leaving little room to trim the college’s budget further." 

Teachers are, predictably, upset that they will not be receiving health insurance under the new legislation.  CCAC maintains that they did not have a choice. “Our preference certainly would be to extend health coverage to all of these individuals,” said Hoovler. “However, we are simply unable to afford the significant cost at this time.”

This will not just affect teachers, but also the quality of education students receive. Not only that, but students will be hit in the wallet as well. They are already seeing “significant tuition increases,” according to the college. This is just another example of a broad spectrum of American society taking a hit for Obamacare. As time goes on, it looks like Americans are going to be seeing more and more casualties for a healthcare plan that most Americans did not even want.