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ObamaCare Repeal Pledge: Mourdock signs, Lugar refuses

Tea party activists around the country have asked us whether any of the current Indiana Republican candidates for U.S. Senate have not signed the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge?

Lugar Mourdock

The answer:

  • Indiana state treasurer Richard MOURDOCK HAS SIGNED the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge.
  • Incumbent U.S. Senator from Indiana Richard LUGAR HAS DECLINED TO SIGN the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge.

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FreedomWorks is a proud member of the ObamaCare Repeal Coalition. We are working around the clock to replace the government takeover of health care with a patient-centered health care system.

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks' Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy

Robert E. Hutchinson

FREEDOMWORKS: Who would Mr. MOURDOCK run against in the General Election, if he won the Republican Primary? I must have missed the Democratic candidate Bio and electability projection in the general voting population. It is my understanding that Sen. Lugar, like him or not, is projected to have a solid win against any Democratic candidate. Most will agree if the GOP does not obtain clear control of the House, over 60 seats in the Senate and a Republican President, it will not be possible to repal ObamaCare or reach any of our main goals and reverse the Socialist tide in Washington. Bearing this in mind, I quote a Conservative Icon William F. Buckley's admonition that " conservatives should vote for the most conservative candidate who can win".

Robert E. Hutchinson

Thomas Boys

Current Rep. Joe Donnelly will be running against whoever the primary winner is. Joe should be beatable...he voted FOR Obamacare, despite his promise not to. He cannot be trusted. He scurried away from another House bid when his major union-packed portion of District 2 was eliminated in the last round of redistricting. Since Donnelly has not done a good job, he can't run on his record and thinks he will have a better chance in a senate race. He votes party-line and is a liar to his constituents.