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Obama's Mandate is Doomed

On Wednesday the Supreme Court concluded oral arguments on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, and if you’ve been following the case, you know how close we are to victory.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin calls the case "a train wreck for the Obama Administration" and noted that ObamaCare "is now in serious trouble, it also seems that the individual mandate is doomed."

FreedomWorks members like you have been critical in our efforts to End ObamaCare Now, both through signing our petition and donating to support our Constitution Defense Fund. We’ve received over 200,000 signatures on our petition to End ObamaCare Now, which we’ve delivered to the Supreme Court, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  

And clearly your constant grassroots pressure is working.

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, the critical swing vote on the Court that will likely decide the case, was openly skeptical of ObamaCare during oral arguments:

“The government is saying that the federal government has a duty to tell the individual citizen that it must act," he said, "and that is different from what we have in previous cases, and that changes the relationship of the federal government to the individual in the very fundamental way."

Justice Kennedy also cautioned that the government has a “very high burden of justification” for ObamaCare, an indication that Justice Kennedy will likely oppose the individual mandate.

An official ruling is not expected until the end of June, but if Kennedy does join the conservative bloc represented by Chief Justice John Roberts, and Associate Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Scalia, and Clarence Thomas…we will have a historic 5-4 decision to End ObamaCare Now!

Thanks to you, we are on the verge of defeating ObamaCare and undoing the cornerstone of the Obama presidency. This is huge. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks again.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe Signature

Matt Kibbe
President & CEO, FreedomWorks

P.S. - If you haven’t signed our End ObamaCare Now petition yet, you can sign here. And if you want to support the critical work of defeating ObamaCare, please click here to donate to our Constitution Defense Fund.  

Keven Card

Once it's repealed then we need a viable alternative solution. I've been a health insurance agent for 20 years, and I can tell you exactly what it'll take to drive costs down. You must work all of the cost drivers simultaneously to have the maximum impact. The costs drivers are claims, over regulation by state governments, a shrinking doctor pool, government underpayments, legal abuse of the medical profession and uncompensated care. I detailed a specific plan that'll save America's healthcare system, forever prevent the conversation to socialize care in America and bring the costs down including $400 Billion dollars in savings to the total federal government's expenditure for healthcare in the first year of actual implementation. The FREE eBook for this plan termed "The DocNet" is available at: Use Coupon Code TK66B to get the title for free at checkout until April 2, 2012. We can save America!

Paul Smith

Why is this in the supreme court? I believe the people poled went over 70% against Obama Care. If they ruling by the people it should have already been stopped . And more so if ruling by the Consititution!

Brian Richard Allen

This Obamanation is so arrogantly, capriciously and egregiously an open assault upon America's underlying principles and Founding Law and especially upon the united States' Constitution, that all that is actually in front of the SCOTUS on this issue is the court itself.

Any of the justices who dare vote to preserve Obamacare in either its entirety or given it contains no salvatorious clause, in any of its component parts, clearly has neither concept of nor respect for the Constitution every one of them is sworn to serve!

Any one of them that so votes would, if the term: "Rule of Law" was to ever-again have any meaning, most surely open himself to impeachment!