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An Open Letter to the 'Angry White Dude'

Kira Davis wrote an "Open Letter From a Black Republican to Reince Preibus" lamenting the poor image enjoyed by the Republican Party in minority communities nationwide.  In part, she posits the following:

We’ve had to take a hard look at the reality of how the GOP is perceived in the very communities we are trying to protect. I was encouraged to hear more and more Republicans acknowledging we have an image problem and discussing ideas on how to change that.

Then I turned on the TV and saw you discussing diversity in the GOP with some media talking head. I saw Jeb Bush making the rounds in what looks like a precursor to a 2016 run. I saw Karl Rove pontificating about diversifying the party. In short, I saw a bunch of rich, middle-aged white men talking about how we need to change the perception of the GOP as a party of rich, middle-aged white men.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love older white guys. My Grandpa was an older white guy and I’m not going to lie — I wouldn’t kick Sean Connery out of my bed…even now. What I’m talking about is a paradigm shift; a complete public image makeover.

Kira goes on to suggest that by putting more black faces out front in a concerted effort to change the paradigm, the GOP could enjoy a higher level of support from minorities.  

In response to this suggestion and others, a tea party activist and blogger who calls himself the Angry White Dude came back (in part) with this: 

So much for that content of character thing. Focus on pigment! At least if you’re talking about minority voters! That was the message black conservative Kira Davis delivered to GOP Chair Reince Priebus in an open letter. She believes the Republican Party is identified as an “old white man” party and needs to embrace diversity to win in 2014. Isn’t that nice? Even conservatives are now against evil ol’ white men! But she’s a minority. She can say such things. Say no more.

Davis’ letter is proof why her idea to wipe white men from the face of the Republican Party won’t work. Minorities vote on pigment and government social programs. So rather than vote for the best person for the job, Davis says to put that all aside. We need to vote for the best minority for the job! Then the 98% of black women who voted for Obama will be happy. Of course, they’ll still vote 98% for the next Democrat but they won’t view the Republican Party as the party of evil old white men. They’ll view the Republicans as the party of old white men who have put a few Uncle Toms on camera.

Note: I read the blog post by Angry White Dude in reponse to Kira's letter and posted a comment, which morphed into this blog post, because I truly believe that patriots on the right need a conversation.  This is I hope, a step in that direction.

Dear Angry White Dude:

Wow. You really missed the point of Kira Davis's letter.  While I don't agree with the entirety of it, I get the point of what she is saying: the GOP will never banish the stereotype of the "party of old white guys" by continually running old white guys and having every consultant and pundit on TV be an old white guy.  

If you disagree with the ideas, then disagree! But your responses are so typical of the GOP right now. Doing the same thing over and over again is the very definition of insanity. The GOP has an image problem. She isn't advocating for promoting blacks that aren't conservative or don't have a good message, she's speaking of marketing.  

AWG, you pointed out that there are already a few black radio hosts and commentators.  Kira isn't discounting that - that is the point.  There are a few in the spotlight.  She's suggesting that the GOP highlight them ALL.  Use the resources at your disposal.  This doesn't translate into hating white guys or banishing them from the party.  On the contrary, it takes race out of the discussion when Americans see black faces all over speaking a conservative message.  It becomes normal, routine, not worthy of note.  Then the Democrats can't hit us on race.  

The media actively blocks out any true representation of a black Republican. They were able to effectively block out any media coverage of every black speaking at the RNC last summer because they all spoke on the same night!!! Kira is advocating for changing that paradigm through the simple act of adding more black speakers!  

As far as the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney was the wrong candidate. John McCain was the wrong candidate. Two election cycles with two VERY old white guys that were completely out of touch with the majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle. There were other candidates that were younger, and better. But the GOP chose wrong yet again. Yes 3.5 million conservatives stayed home.  But the problem with demographics and the GOP is so much bigger than squeaking by a national election by less than a million votes.  

We must bring in more people - not just to win, but so that this country can win.  The fabric of America is being torn apart by the proliferation of wrong headed socially ignorant liberal ideas. The only way to stop that is by returning to our core as a Judeo Christian based God honoring nation of Americans united under our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

What I see here in these comments is a serious case of "Victim Status". The real questions is how badly does the GOP want to win.  If the majority of the party is represented here: the answer is you don't want to win at all.  You just want to play in the mud with the liberals yelling about how a black conservative is really actually a liberal because she's advocating for more blacks on the dais.  Are you really a victim here? 

Instead of hurling insults, how about some ideas? If you don't like Kira's suggestions, how about coming up with your own? Your comments are the very reason why liberals are so successful in vilifying the GOP. You sound like a bunch of angry racists. I'm an angry conservative black lady. And I would never vote for any one of your commenters.

Your tone suggests that you don't think any black conservatives, or black bloggers, or black activists are qualified, or worthy of promotion.  Is that what you think?  That putting a few more black faces out front of the party will hurt because it's just affirmative action that puts unqualified black activists ahead of hard working white activists?  

Aren't black conservatives hard working?  Don't they put up with racist attacks from blacks and whites and hispanics at a much higher rate than old white dudes?  Don't get me started on how idiotic your position sounds in light of the proliferation of black conservatives and the proof how hard we work.

If your beef is with the designation "black" in front of conservative or Republican, you must not see the terrible ire this causes liberals.  They work very hard to advance the idea that blacks do not exist on our side.  We pump that part up because we DO exist.  We are throwing our existence in their faces and using it to prove that Liberals are liars of the worst sort.  They would rather lie about the existence of blacks on the right than argue the successes that liberal policy have brought.  (They can't argue successes that don't exist.)

My suggestion is that you stay angry.  It works for you.  But leave the attacks and oversensitivity to being a white guy out of your discourse.  You don't have a leg to stand on here.  Kira is the very last person you should toss the reverse race card at.  Put on your big boy pants and work your butt off generating some fresh ideas.

You can see the whine fest that Kira's letter initiated here.

Hk40cal's picture
jeff koch

I'm guessing no one has looked at the Liberal Party... Rather OLD and White. I'm not interested in someones skin color...I'd rather attend a political event that didn't have a pie chart as where to sit by color. Would I like to see more Americans of African Heritage speaking out against the Obama dictatorship...and against race hustlers, religious bigots etc... the answer is yes.

I believe the Republican party is caught in the "Labeled" vortex...instead of fighting for all the people there becoming the Identity party. Conservatism will win every election. Just look at how many democrats run WAY to the right, they get elected....then tack hard LEFT...

Conservative need too support the Grand Old Party, and don't be afraid of standing up and being heard... We don't need a big tent...we are the big tent. All-inclusive. If your for smaller government, lower income, business taxes, worlds strongest military.... well here we are.

We don't need to be different. The message to get across is simple. Government will not do you better. The problem. citizens like the easy, hand-outs from Santa Government

Belinda Bee

As much as I dislike the fact that blacks seem to only want to hear from other blacks (whites would be called racist for this) I agree with Kira Davis. GOP "establishment" will not change and that is just a fact. They really don't seem capable of looking at their own faults and flaws. How sad because this tells me they could care less if we win or loose...that is why i changed to an Independent. I am sick and tired of the "establishment" GOP...they are no longer representing the values of the true conservative.

Elaine Willingham

I am with you all the way! They need to stop even referring to the color of skin, they need to make video commercials like the libs have with all those celebrities only have people like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Senator Tim Scott, Joseph C. Phillips, Dr. Alveda King, promoting Freedom, Character, Honor, the Republic and God. So that the dem voters can see that there are many, many conservatives and they don't have to be followers voting for dems.

Michael Openshaw

Here was my response to him:

OK: let this angry white dude give a DIFFERENT perspective.
First off, I happen to agree with much Kira Davis is saying, not all.
If you want talk about diversity of the GOP, it DOES help to have a diverse series of faces doing it. Not ALL minority faces, but certainly a LOT more than they have now.
Let me ask you, Angry White Dude; how many minority friends do you have? How many you actually talk politics with? I have several- but the ONLY ones I talk politics with is my ‘daughters’ in Africa. And here’s the other question; how many of your minority friends talk to YOU about politics? The sad truth is, while we have societal integration, we have not yet achieved cultural integration- and trust (Much of the thanks due to the government itself.) And it WILL take minority representatives to bridge that divide initially.
I will also say this: I have been heavily involved in in vetting local candidates for the state and county offices for the North Texas Tea Party for two cycles. In this last cycle, I had to call a special meeting of our vetting committee after our final recommendations were finalized to address a concern: we had just TeaApproved EVERY ONE of the non-Anglo candidates we vetted: three African-Americans (or as I prefer Americans of African Descent), an American of Cuban Descent (Ted Cruz), an American of Japanese descent and an American of half-Korean descent. We had to review them ALL because we feared we were applying- unconsciously- an Affirmative Action mentality. After careful review, we decided we weren’t; these WERE the best qualified and most solidly conservative candidates in the races (All but the Japanese American DID win, BTW: our opinion matters a fair amount around here.)
And ALL have been GREAT in office, with the exception of an American of African descent we backed in the first cycle, who turned out to be what I’d call moderately conservative- still far better than the full liberal she beat. But WHY are they such solid candidates?
I believe it because they have had to fight the culture, their friends, and even their family to gain and retain those conservative values and they hold them tightly. I know how much more tested- and strengthened- my conservative values were through the 60s, when conservatism was considered a pestilence.
So it SERVES THE CONSERVATIVE INTEREST to elevate such to office and spokespersons. Not just because they will serve as bridge to the minority communities they come from, but also as some of our fellows with the STRONGEST convictions to the cause.

D Williams

Stacy everything you say is true but you and FreedomWorks keep missing the boat in my opinion. You have one of the most powerful tools at your disposal and "I" am the only one that repeats it on a regular basis. EVERYONE in this country should see the movie "Runaway Slave" as it is one best messages I have ever seen. Now that it is on DVD you need to make it front and center. The people in that movie should inspire all of us regardless of color. People PLEASE buy the movie, watch the movie and share the movie. It is that good.

Kenneth Taylor

You know, this is what I don't understand about our party. We expect liberals to look at the truth that's out there and we bury our heads to our own faults. The problems we have are real and regardless of whether they will be painful to deal with, we need to put on our big boy and girl pants and be adults. It needs to be addressed so we address it, straight forward. Isn't our country worth it? The Dems will beat us, if we don't figure this out. I know we are better than this. Let's show everyone else we are.

Mark Adams

And here it goes again. Some are falling in Saul Alinsky trap, set up by the liberals of our nation to take note of skin color first. Why? Because we have a black president? Yes. Liberals see Obama as a black man first. They see Romney as white first. They Star Parker as a black racist towards he own race.
According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. "The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength."
The day that Obama was sworn in to office in 09, newspapers from coast to coast ran "Our first black president" Or "Our fist African-American president" Know what I saw? Just another man, another politician, another president.
Stop being goaded in to this narrative, people.
Do not acknowledge it. Once you do, you have been goaded in to:
RULE 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

Belinda Bee

AWD ~ I agree with "most" of your comment...but the fact is we have to start looking at what is preventing us from winning and Kira is on the right track.

Angry White Dude

Stacy, thanks for throwing me a little traffic! You didn't return to but here was my reply to your comment.

Stacy, nice to hear from you! I remember you from that event in St Louis!

What is frustrating is it seems every black conservative is just that…a black conservative. Why can’t they be a conservative that just happens to be black? Notice how Kira refers to blacks as “my people?” If AWD refers to whites as “my people” or suggests we need more white people on tv, that would be resoundingly regarded as racism. Here’s an example:

My point was Kira basically admitting that black voters won’t consider the Republican message because the Repub messengers happen to be white. In essence, blacks are racists and will only embrace conservative values if the message comes from a black person. Furthermore, experience tells us that 90% of blacks are died-in-the-wool liberals and will only consider black conservatives as Uncle Toms.

My solution? Vote for the best conservative in the race. Elect the best person for the job. Color blind society. I will be happy for “black” conservatives to just be regarded as conservatives. But I see black conservatives using their pigment just as much as black liberals. Kira was saying, “put me on TV because I’m black and blacks will never listen to old white guys.” Well, if so, then blacks have rejected the dream of Martin Luther King. Whites elected Tim Scott over Strom Thurmond’s son in SC! Millions supported Herman Cain for President. I endorsed, at one time, Allen West.

As for Romney or McCain, I was not a fan of either. No fiscal conservative was. But not because they were old white men. It was because they were big-government moderates who would not have drastically reduced the size and expense of American government. And, as mentioned in my post, election data showed conservatives stayed home in November rather than voting for Romney. Not because he was white. Maybe some bigots didn’t vote for him because he is a Mormon but that’s another argument.

Quite bluntly, I’m tired of political correctness that states we HAVE to have a black person, Hispanic, Chinese, etc to prove white people are not racist. Especially when Kira and other black conservatives tell us we have to to attract black voters. What does that say about black people? When the Tea Party movement started, all the leaders heard from the propaganda media was “where are all the black people?” I always waited for someone to say, “why don’t you ask the black people?” I don’t have to prove to anyone I’m not a racist. I don’t have to prove to anyone anything. But I won’t play PC games, even the kind that black conservatives play. I would simply like for Black Americans be Americans.

Want to get on TV, Kira? Do or say something worthy of attracting attention to get on TV. I support your conservative ideas but don’t care one little bit about your pigment.

Stacy, that was probably more than you wanted to hear from me. I appreciate your comments and would love for you to tell me how I’m wrong. Probably because I’m an old white guy! lol I hope you’ll comment again! Please let me know if you get to Dallas.