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The Opposition to School Choice


It is difficult to see where the objection to school choice lies. After all, isn’t it common sense that your taxes should pay for your child’s education, regardless of which school they attend? Why should failing schools be supported by your money? Consistently poor performance at a regular job results in termination. Why should the education system be any different?

Unfortunately, much of the opposition comes from teachers unions. These unions, despite their rhetoric, do not represent the best interest of either the student or the school itself. Rather, these groups strive to establish and maintain a stranglehold on education, regardless of the effects on the students it is their responsibility to educate. These unions possess enormous sway over legislators, as they often invest large sums of money in getting politicians elected who will defend their monopoly.

Don’t let the unions deny your child the education that they deserve! As powerful as the unions are, they are not as strong as the people of Pennsylvania, united for the cause of school choice. They fear us because we outnumber them and represent the true will of the people.
Please contact your local Senator and Representative and tell them that you support school choice, and the upcoming bipartisan school choice bill Senate Bill 1.