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Press Release

Oregon’s Cap and Trade Bill


In recent testimony delivered before the Oregon Senate Environment and Natural Resource Committee by Dr. Eric Fruits, Ph.D. on Oregon’s SB80, published by cascade Policy Institute, Dr. Fruits stated the following. 

  1. SB 80 would cost 90,000 Oregon Jobs.
  2. SB 80 would reduce Oregon’s economic output by more than 48.3 billion dollars.
  3. SB 80 would reduce Oregon State revenues by more than 4.4 billion dollars.
  4. For every on green job created through subsidies and tax breaks, 2.2 jobs are lost in the broader economy.

Oregon currently has the second highest unemployment in the nation, just behind Michigan.  Businesses are closing or relocating to states with friendlier business environments.  Higher energy cost will only worsen an already poor business climate in Oregon and punish families currently struggling to make ends meet.

Download Dr. Fruits' full testimony HERE.

For more information on this issue and how it affects Oregonians visit