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Pennsylvania Students and Parents Rally for School Choice in Harrisburg

Ever since Pennsylvania’s Senate voted in favor of school choice last month by passing SB1, the pressure on the state House of Representatives to send this important bill to Governor Corbett’s desk has been steadily increasing. Yesterday that pressure was ratcheted up even further when some 2,000 students, parents and other school choice supporters flooded the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg demanding educational freedom.

Rally 3The rally was organized and promoted by school choice movement stalwarts and FreedomWorks coalition allies REACH, Students First and the Catholic Conference, who were all integral to the success of SB1 in the state Senate. As this fight continues in the House, neither FreedomWorks nor our allies will rest until we have achieved our shared goal of putting parents and students in control of Pennsylvania's school system.

With the fall legislative session scheduled to end on December 14th, it's more important than ever for the supporters of school choice to make our voices heard in Harrisburg. Please TAKE ACTION by calling or emailing these House Leaders to request their support for school choice and SB1:

Speaker: Sam Smith - (814) 938-4225
Majority Leader: Mike Turzai - (412) 369-2230
Whip: Stan Saylor - (717) 244-9232
Caucus Chair: Sandra Major - (570) 278-3374
Education Committee Chair: Paul Clymer - (215) 257-0279

Rally Overhead

Andrew Bair

Note: Rep. Stan Saylor is the GOP Whip (Not the Floor Leader) and Rep. Sandra Major is the Caucus Chair (Not the Whip).


Well I am doing my best to get the word out about this mess as well. I heard the PSEA radio commercials and it frustrated me enough to do a three part article series on my hubpages.

Steve Ulrich

Also note that Gov Corbett attended the rally, addressed the crowd, and urged the PA House to put it on their voting calendar and pledged to sign the bill once it was passed. The PA House is controlled by the Republicans and the opposition to SB1 is coming from the Republicans in the House. The PA House GOP Leader Sam Smith was not at the rally and the pressure needs to be put on the Education committee

Josh Eboch

You're right, I had those listed incorrectly. Thanks!