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Protest the Next Big Bailout: Scottsdale, AZ Thursday


If you aren't otherwise occupied earning a living, FreedomWorks is looking for some patriots who might be up to a little protesting of cap and trade outside the Edison Electric Institute's board of directors and CEOs meeting Thursday morning at the Fairmont on East Princess Drive.

This is a group of share-holder owned electic companies, many of whom support a cap and trade energy ration scheme because they can get government subsidies and exploit the system at the expense of taxpayers. Ultimately, energy will be more expensive and we'll be stuck with the bill. This is nothing but another taxpayer-funded bailout.

On Thursday morning, Lisa Jackson, the administrator of the EPA (the agency that recently declared CO2 a threat to be regulated), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (Sen. Kerry's best cap and trade friend forever) will be addressing the meeting.

This is a great opportunity to let these companies, the Administration, and Congress know that you oppose a cap and trade energy tax. Not only that, but your presence lets passersby know what is going on behind closed doors and the way some big businesses are selling the American people out to big government.

This is definitely last minute, but since when did rent-seekers ever try to give anyone a heads up about their underhanded dealings?

Please pass this on to others and if you are interested in attending.

FreedomWorks will be joining forces with Americans for Prosperity and the Scottsdale Tea Party.   And it should be a great event.

  • Time: 8:30 am to 11:00 am           
  • Location: Scottsdale Road Entrance at the Fairmont Scottsdale at 7575 East Princess Drive
  • Bring: Signs, a friend, your camera, righteous indignation

You can also take action by signing our petition against the next big government bailout here.

Lets hit the ground running in 2010.