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Real Talk With Julie Borowski: Legalize Ride Sharing

The government is cracking down on ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. As is too often the case, big businesses are lobbying for more regulations to hurt their competitors. I say get rid of these regulations and let companies compete on a level playing field to see who is best.

FireFly00's picture

I agree with you Sandra we need to keep liberals out of government they are destroying this country because big government control and regulation is a tool they use to exploit society and give themselves the upper hand.
The idea of open and fair markets scares the hell out of liberals because the only thing that gives them political power is the promise of something for nothing and when the money runs out and it will they will crash and burn the only problem is that they will destroy or seriously harm this country in the process. (The laws of this country mean nothing to them and for anyone that can read and have an objective eye knows this to be true.)

Charles Kelecic's picture
Charles Kelecic

Lyft checks the driver's record, inspects the vehicle and provides $1,000,000 in liability insurance. In addition, the consumer gets a photo of the driver and all payment is preset and paid for in advance, a tax 1099 is then submitted to the driver and IRS. Where I live there are only 10 taxis providing services for 250,000 people in this quasi-rural area. Where I use to live, there was only one taxi and it did not work on Sundays-of course this was the day I needed it when my car broke down. To own one taxi in New York City, the cost of the city Medallion is $1,045,000, not exactly good for a new startup. Get rid of this stupid control and let market set the rates.

kanawah's picture

Uber and the like are nothing but illegal, unlicensed taxi services. They should be totally shut down. they are dangerous. (most do not have proper insurance)
they do not pay any tax on their illegal operation. they are taking business from the legal taxi services. and on and on and on.

san7ma's picture
Sandra M

Hey boy, your ignorance shows you to be a ghetto liberal. How many taxis even come into your neighborhood? Do yourself a favor and read more so you can learn more. Then you can have a real thought and not just react with progressive chants you have memorized.