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Real Talk with Julie Borowski: Stop Snooping, NSA!

New Real Talk with Julie Borowski is up!

Polls continue to show that most Americans oppose the NSA spying on innocent Americans! Get out of our business! Check out the video to find out what we can do to stop NSA spying.

Harold Hoffman's picture
Harold Hoffman

The world is backwards, everything you were taught as a kid. Reverse it and that is the world we live in. We need to be careful on social networks from being tracked. Stop using the big search engines that see everything you do. I have been using a search engine for about a year to protect myself. People are starting to wake up and realize how much of our privacy is compromised.

Harold Hoffman's picture
Harold Hoffman

If the Government wont protect us we need to be proactive and do our own research on who and were we are being tracked