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Republicans Lead Civil Rights Charge with School Choice

Republicans are beginning to coalesce around School Choice with Senators Rand Paul and Lamar Alexander’s amendment.  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas began with a rallying cry in his key-note address at CPAC declaring “education is too important for it to be controlled by bureaucrats in Washington, taking choices away from parents and kids…We need to champion school choice – the civil rights issue of the next generation.”  Not only is Senator Ted Cruz correct about school choice being the civil rights issue of the next generation, but it is the civil rights issue of this generation.

Senators Rand Paul and Lamar Alexander along with cosigners Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey have introduced new School Choice legislation that will allow $1,300 of Title 1 money to be specifically allocated to low income children. A total of $14.5 billion will be appropriated for low-income students.  Senator Paul believes “School choice for low-income parents and students across America is a way out of the poverty cycle.”  The funds would act like a voucher or scholarship following the students to the best place for them to get the finest education possible.  The funds would be available for up to 11 million students who are located in low-income areas.  The path to success starts with a quality education.

School Choice is the next step for Republicans to continue leading the charge on civil rights issues.  Recently Rand Paul filibustered for 13 hours demanding to know Americans would be safe from drone strikes at their local Starbucks.  Republican Senators and Congressmen took the floor to Stand With Rand.  Protecting Americans from drone strikes at home and providing opportunity to millions of students are the first steps Republicans are taking in the campaign for civil rights and liberties.

This legislation is a chance in a lifetime for those 11 million students.  They have the opportunity to obtain an education better fitted to their needs on an individual level. Republicans are leading the charge on civil liberties, first on safeguarding American citizens from drone strikes and now providing opportunity through education with School Choice.