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Responsibility Amidst Profligacy

Recently, President Obama called for the elimination of the alternate engine program for the joint strike fighter (JSF) program in an effort to cut back on defense spending. In this era of fiscal irresponsibility, the Obama administration has made a decision that is finally in the interest of the American taxpayer.

 In the economic crisis we are currently experiencing, no agency can be exempt from cuts, the Department of Defense included. The current engine for the JSF has already proven to be sufficient for our defense needs, spending over $2.5 billion on an additional engine is wasteful and unnecessary.

Representatives Griffin and Dold have already supported the President’s decision on this issue. Unfortunately, our elected officials are not the only voice the President has to contend with on this issue, as the CEO of GE is now a part of the Obama administration. With GE behind the chief engineering of this alternate engine, you can bet that there will be some personal interest behind trying to change the President’s stance on this issue.

Please call your congressmen (202-224-3121) and urge them to support the Rooney, Larson, Westmoreland, and Pingree amendment to strike funding for the extra engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Take back control of your tax money with this bipartisan amendment!

(FreedomWorks intern Steve Delie wrote this post)