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The RNC Planned to Silence Grassroots Opposition

When the Romney camp and the Republican establishment rewrote Rule 15 at the RNC to centralize more power within the party hierarchy, they created a massive grassroots backlash from grassroots activists, Tea Partiers, and Ron Paul supporters. 

To placate the grassroots, the establishment pushed a "compromise" on Rule 15, which conservative commentator Erick Erickson called a "red herring", and simply shifted even more unsettling changes into Rule 12. The Romney camp then launched a misdirection campaign to placate and confuse grassroots activists. 

The Romney camp even went as far as preemptively removing Rules Committee members and replacing them with Romney-appointed delegates, a move one can only imagine was done to secure passage of the rule changes. 

A grassroots insurrection against the changes led by Morton Blackwell, FreedomWorks, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Ron Paul supporters and countless others, encouraged full Minority Reports on the Rules when the RNC convened to adopt the rules. 

This is where the establishment got even more brazen. When Speaker John Boehner asked for the "ayes" and "noes" on the adoption of the rules, the "noes" were at the very least just as loud as the "ayes", and yet in the opinion of Speaker Boehner the "ayes" had it. Gavel. 

But as the video below reveals, the adoption of the rules and disenfranchisement of the grassroots was planned and already written on the Teleprompter. It's shocking:

It's one thing to disagree with us on rules and issues. It's another thing to spit in our faces and expect us to smile, work for your candidate, or cast a ballot on his/her behalf. 

In the words of The Dude from The Big Lebowski, "this aggression will not stand, man."

To find out more on the rule changes at the RNC, please read an excellent blog post from Dean Clancy, our VP of Health Care Policy and Legislative Counsel.

Rusty Parmelee

This action puts Romney & Ryan in the Sam catagory as Obama. There is a solution whose time has come, in my opinion. By this notice I am both announcing the formation of the American Conservative Party and copy writing it's name. I would believe that it won't for this election, but certainly could be ready for 2016. If there those reading this that would like to help make this a reality please notify me on Facebook or by email at

West Coast Patriot

I am willing to join this party, are all of you? In the meantime, let us all send a message to the one party system (Democrat and Republican) that we will not take this from them anymore, they are our employees and we will get rid of all of them. Vote Libertarian this year, let us pour our hearts into this new American Conservative Party and find good Conservative Libertarians to put on the ballot next time around. "We the People" have what it takes to do this, but we have to have solidarity in order to effect this change. We can do it. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Raven (in Wisconsin)

Rusty, you're four years late to found and copyright "the American Conservative Party" now.

americanconservativeparty [dot] org

Raven (in Wisconsin)

Boehner's announcing predetermined vote results, no matter the actual voice-vote, and ignoring the demands for a show of hands, raises the question: is he just as dishonest as Speaker of the House? Have HR vote results been just as mis-reported -- letting bills win with an actual minority, or lose with an actual majority? This would mean not only the will of the House, but also the will of the voters who chose its members to represent them, has been overridden. <br /><br />After this blatant and public betrayal of trust -- against their own party's members -- how can Boehner, Romney, Ryan, and the RNC leadership be trusted with the reins of government? Once in power (with the opportunity for much greater secrecy), will they suddenly become fair and honest? Or will nobody's votes be honestly counted ever again?

joe jonsun

What do we do now to counter this top down heavy handed rule ----This move signals the Establishment GOP only differs in IDEOLOGY compared with the Exec Orders issued by this Imperial president ------both are TOP DOWN-----in your face -----rejections of the principles this country was founded upon----yes this is a soft tyranny.

joe jonsun

What do we do now to counter this top down heavy handed rule ----

West Coast Patriot

The second option if the above scenario does not come to fruition is to support Gary Johnson. Either way here, we will be supporting candidates that will not violate the Rule of Law or the Constitution. That is what we need in this age of progressive candidates on both sides of the aisle and the only way we will have a chance at getting our Republic back, because with these rule changes and the willingness of the leaders in Congress to go along with this blatant violation of voters rights has stripped us completely of our Republic and made us a full fledged socialistic Democracy.

West Coast Patriot

The most important thing you can do now is one of two options. The first and foremost is go to this website and sign it:
This is a petition to possibly have Ron Paul run third party. There are talks going on right now that could possibly put Ron Paul on the Libertarian ticket either as the VP with Gary Johnson, or more desirably Gary Johnson stepping down to the VP slot and having Ron Paul take the Presidential candidate slot. We are not sure if this can or will happen, but from what I am hearing from reliable sources, it is in talks, and it is dependent on the number of signatures that we can get. Go to the link above, sign the petition and let us cross our fingers.