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Save Our States, Stop The Unions

Across our country, responsible Governors and state legislators are tackling bloated state budgets by confronting the exorbitant influence held by public sector unions. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, FreedomWorks is supporting crucial legislation to “Save Our States”.

FreedomWorks urges support in the following Key Vote Notices:

In Wisconsin, Democrats and unions are trying to prevent Governor Scott Walker from passing his Budget Repair Bill.

In Ohio, Governor Kasich has introduced SB5, to end collective bargaining for state and local employees.

In Pennsylvania, Governor Corbett is trying to curb the influence of the teachers’ unions by passing The Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act.

Senator Jack Johnson and Rep. Debra Young Maggart of Tennessee have introduced corresponding pieces of legislation to prevent collective bargaining between teachers’ unions and local school boards.