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School Choice in Danger in the District


How can Congress take school choice from these kids?  

The omnibus bill passed through the House yesterday endangers the Opportunity Scholarship program that provides 1,700 vouchers to D.C. students for up to $7,500.  The average income of families recieving the vouchers is about $22,000.  The program expires next year and would go for review before a House subcommittee, but the language in the omnibus bill that passed in the House yesterday requires legislation from the District along with approval from Congress.  That places extra barriers in the way of the voucher program and choices for parents.  Omnibus, page 56 of the Financial Services section reads,

That use of any funds in this Act or any other Act for opportunity scholarships after school year 2009-2010 shall only be available upon enactment of reauthorization of that program by Congress and the adoption of legislation by the District of Columbia approving such reauthorization.