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School Choice Rally in Philadelphia


FreedomWorks helped organize a School Choice Rally/Press Conference in front of City Hall in Philadelphia yesterday together with several other organizations.  It was so heartwarming to see 700 inner city kids come out to chant for more opportunity and a better future.  Every child is entitled to a good education which is essential to leading a happy, productive and rewarding life.

FreedomWorks activists have a blast with students at School Choice Rally

During the rally, our activists were able to do street interviews with both the parents and the kids that were in attendance and it was at that moment that I fully comprehended how proud I am to be working hard to pass School Choice legislation in our state because of the impact it will have in so many kids' lives!  The kids we talked to actually realize that a one-size system does-not-fit-all because every child learns differently and every parent should have the right to choose a school that meets their child's needs.  

We also had many great speakers at the rally from diverse backgrounds including a Rabbi, several students from various schools, a teacher, and several parents.  The atmosphere was happy and light, the kids were thrilled to get our School Choice t-shirts, magnets, buttons and the word on the street was...  "What do we want?  School Choice!  When do we want it?  NOW!!!"

We, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, have the power and understand that our kids' future depends on School Choice.  So, it is time to tell our legislators that we want School Choice NOW for our state.  The time has come to give parents a voice!

Mike Kotyk

"Every child is entitled to a good education which is essential to leading a happy, productive and rewarding life"

You can also add that every parent has the right to send their child to a school free of drug abuse, violence and poor quality teachers.