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Op-ed Placement

A Sea Change at the FCC

Originally Published in Investor's Business Daily on 2/3/17.

The Trump administration recently announced that Ajit Pai will be stepping up to be the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. This is good news for the consumers and signals a welcome shift in the FCC's aggressive regulatory agenda.

Pai was a constant critic of outgoing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's strong-arm tactics to expand the FCC's reach, going so far as reclassifying the internet as a public utility in order to claim regulatory oversight of one our most dynamic technologies.

Elsewhere, Pai has been critical of the closed-door policies at the FCC, where rules are pushed through with little public participation and little time for commissioners to provide a thoughtful review. Pai's new chairmanship offers an opportunity to rein in the excesses of an agency that controls the future of the internet.