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Key Vote

The Senate Deal to Fund ObamaCare: See How Your Members of Congress Voted Here!

Tonight, both the House and Senate voted on a Continuing Resolution that funds our government through January 15th of next year.  This deal also raises the debt ceiling through February 2014, and requires that both chambers go to conference on passing a budget resolution.

What the deal conpicuously lacks is anything that at all affects ObamaCare. The average American citizen is still subject to the full force of the law's mandate that they buy health insurance or pay a fine.  Meanwhile, Congress, big business, and thousands of connected companies who received waivers are immune to these mandates for at least a year.

With the health insurance exchange websites imploding, and with ObamaCare being implemented completely unfairly, there has never been a better opportunity to unite both parties around stopping - at least temporarily - the implementation of this massive government intrusion in our health care. 

Instead, this deal achieved nothing.  Nothing, because Republican leadership was busier attacking Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Mark Meadows, and Tom Graves (and many other principled conservatives) than they were about actually fighting the unpopular, unworkable, unfair, and unaffordable "Affordable Care Act".

In particular, while the House was holding strong by passing Continuing Resolutions that funded all of the government but ObamaCare, many Republican members of the Senate decided to publicly oppose the efforts of defund or delay ObamaCare. With their help, this raw deal passed cloture in the Senate, 83-16.  The Republican Senators who voted to give up and fund ObamaCare were:

Lamar Alexander (TN)

Kelly Ayotte (NH)

John Barrasso (WY)

Roy Blunt (MO)

John Boozman (AR)

Richard Burr (NC)

Saxby Chambliss (GA)

Jeff Chiesa (NJ)

Dan Coats (IN)

Tom Coburn (OK)

Thad Cochran (MS)

Susan Collins (ME)

Bob Corker (TN)

Deb Fischer (NE)

Jeff Flake (AZ)

Lindsey Graham (SC)

Orrin Hatch (UT)

John Hoeven (ND)

Johnny Isakson (GA)

Mike Johanns (NE)

Mark Kirk (IL)

John McCain (AZ)

Mitch McConnell (KY)

Jerry Moran (KS)

Lisa Murkowski (AK)

Rob Portman (OH)

Tim Scott (SC)

John Thune (SD)

Roger Wicker (MS)

(NOTE: There was also a second, "final passage" vote on the bill. All of the above-named Senators voted "yes" on final passage except for Tom Coburn (OK) and Tim Scott (SC). These two senators, in effect, hedged their bets, voting on both sides of the issue, although they will argue that they were just voting to call up the bill so that they could vote against it. This argument isn't persuasive, however, because everyone knew the bill would pass with an overwhelming majority. The cloture vote was the critical vote, and Coburn and Scott voted the wrong way, from FreedomWorks' perspective.)

In the House, the deal passed, 285-144, with 87 Republicans joining 198 Democrats to fund ObamaCare and increase the national debt limit.  Click HERE to see how your Representative voted. 

If ObamaCare is allowed to take full effect on January 1st, 2014, those Republicans who voted to concede and allow the law to be fully funded will be as culpable for the harm it will inflict upon Americans as the Democrats they claimed to oppose.

Patty Williams

This whole mess just makes me ill. I refuse to buy into it.
I am not going to have the government dictate which doctor I choose, what health issues I pay for. I dont believe in the birth control pill, I wont help pay for it. I wont pay into a system with death panels. I read the entire ACA, and until you do, you wont understand why you should not support such a travesty.
I pay cash, always have, always will. My doctors accept cash, but many wont accept Obamacare. In fact, I get a discount for cash, it works for me.
Have fun trying to explain to you mother or father when they are denied cancer coverage because of their age. have fun going to those Death counseling sessions every 5 years.
Have fun being a part of government run healthcare, AKA the Unaffordable act.
I enjoy being free to make my own decisions.
have fun Libtards.

Sammy Snopes

'Missing' Obamacare website lady : on a Fox News site there was some speculation that the woman was a pic of a younger Kelley Ayotte ? There are some facial similarities but the idea seems far fetched Time will tell

Tyson Isham

In response to Greg The Democrat's (who I think is probably here just to stir the pot) first post: Common sense and dignity huh? This whole deal is such a fiasco, and I would argue that any patriot with common sense would have seen this lie for what it was long ago, excepting those that do zero political homework, and I mean ZIP, ZILCH, NADA. Common sense and dignity? Naw, looks a little more like cowardice and a big ol' reach across that party line accompanied by a nice big scraaaaaaaaatch for each obamacrat's back, as if to say, "My conservative base is about have my head, politically speaking (sob* sob*)... Please remember me and my vote to empower you when I'm a lowly multimillionaire lobbyist mr. democrat (sniffle* sniffle* grovel grovel)." Yeah, I'd say that the whole spineless, self-serving vote looks just about like that.

Craig England

Only in Washington D.C. is it wrong to do the right thing. Not one Republican voted for the ACA so why would one vote to fund it? It appears that only the fiscally corrupt have the courage of their convictions.

Thomas Rutland

Who can I donate to that will fund candidates to run against the Georgia turncoats and will stand for the tenants of the TEA party?

Carrie Eplen

We already have that, it's called the Obama administration

Greg The Democrat

I'll take your donations. I promise to tell you everything you want to hear.

Mail Donations to:
I Promise Foundation
1234 Extremist Blvd
Loserville, GA 39847

jyb's picture
John W

Here is what we got, more laws, more of our tax dollars to spend, higher taxes on the horizon and nothing cut at all. We the people got shafted with more government by both parties, well that is the ones who voted to pass. Why wasn't the President honest when he said he will not negotiate, he should have said, "I want more money, I want more laws to force on people and I want you the people to pay for it by working harder and having less feedoms", well actually they all should have said that.

Tracey H

Greg- Please explain to me how I am going to ever retire with dignity when I NOW can not afford my health insurance premiums. I got notice two weeks ago from my health insurer that my premium is going to go up 100%! And extra $400 a month. We are a family of 4, with 2 small children, making $50,000 a year. I am on a tight budget already and there isn't $400 to cut anywhere unless I go without gas, food, power, water, gas for heat, phone. What am I do without? My health insurance payment will be 200 more that my mortgage!! That's ridiculous! And no, I don't get to keep my policy either, because it doesn't cover all that is mandated. Also, my copay and my deductible are going up. So, I will get less, put pay significantly more. Tell me again, how will I be able to retire in dignity and paying less for my healthcare? But, since you find this such a wonderful law, since now I am faced with the decision of having to become uninsured and pay the (right now) cheaper tax for not having health insurance, how about I send you my contact information and you send me a check every month to cover my new "improved" healthcare plan. That will be $400/ month. Since you can obviously afford it. Oh, go to the government website or state exchanges to see if we can qualify for a government subsidy, you say? Sorry, the websites are conveniently down. Thank YOU so much for uninsuring us!

mattbatt's picture
Matt Battaglia


Carrie Eplen

If you believe that FREEDOM doesn't mean a whole lot , then there in lies the problem. There are people dying so you have the freedom to speak your mind. You need to share that priceless opinion with the families of the military dead

Greg The Democrat

Freedom? Do we have freedom as long as medical insurance cartels have a noose around our necks. “Freedom is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. When you have no end and make freedom an ultimate goal, anything goes. Freedom, when considered seriously, is a loaded word that conjures passionate emotions from the fundamental values people choose to ascribe to. Freedom as an end in and of itself starts to resemble anarchy...much like the Tea Party extremist on capitol hill. So the bottom line here is FREEDOM is truly subjective and doesn't mean a whole lot. One thing is for sure, nobody is ever truly free. ACA will provide Freedom to 100 million people as time will prove. These are people who have pre-existing medical conditions or family members that have. The next Freedom band wagon will be the baby boomers who can retire early and get affordable heath insurance. Then we have another 30 million people who can tell their employers to F off and "move on" because they no longer have the medical insurance ball & chain locked to their ankle. Freedom is about loosing the strangle hold banks, insurers, and corporate america have over us. Today we are a freeier society, and this makes us wealthy. Of course, if the only thing you care about is you and yourself, this makes you a true selfish, self centered American.

Melissa White Boner

I'm very proud of Alabamas elected officials standing firm and not giving in to the terrorist tactics of this administration.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

I'm guessing you would not have been "Very proud" of those elected officials if they had succeeded in shutting down the government and thrown us into another recession.

Greg The Democrat

I am very proud of our fellow R's that supported this bill. They used common sense and voted with dignity.

Craig England

Since the GOP didn't have the votes in the Senate to defeat the measure, even if the RINO's were for it, why couldn't they have stuck together with a symbolic "NO" vote?

Carrie Eplen

I am glad to see so many people that are proud of the legislators that voted to raised the debt. When it come time to repay the $18,000,000 000.00 that is due. pony up with a smile on your face. Oh wait that will not be you that will be your childrens children.