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Senate to Move Forward on DISCLOSE Act Tomorrow


Big heads up: a cloture vote to move forward on the DISCLOSE Act is scheduled in the Senate tomorrow afternoon.

Click here to call your Senators and urge them to vote No on cloture to keep the DISCLOSE Act from becoming law.

FreedomWorks sent this key vote to the Hill this morning urging a No vote on the bill.  Here's an excerpt:

Two other pieces of the DISCLOSE Act look like specific attacks on the Tea Party movement.  It is widely known that this decentralized movement is largely made up of individuals who are new to political activism and simply organizing with likeminded members of their community to do what they can for a country they love. But the DISCLOSE Act puts in place ambiguous guidelines that will leave many, especially smaller groups without the funds to pay for expensive campaign law attorneys, wondering whether or not they are violating the new rules.  When changing the rules of political participation, Congress should err on the side of encouraging participation, not discouraging it with ambiguous legalese that only empowers lawyers. 
The DISCLOSE Act goes even further and expands the period of time during which those trying to participate in our democracy may violate new, confusing laws.  In an election year when a record number of Americans may participate, this act expands the “electioneering communications” period.  That’s the number of days before elections when politicians have decided they want to control free speech.  This bill says those limits would go from 60 days before an election to 120 days.  Those are exactly the days when participation should be encouraged.

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