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Senator Mark Pryor’s liberal idea of what Faith, Responsibility and Security really mean

Faith, responsibility, and security are the three words Senator Mark Pryor uses to introduce himself to voters of Arkansas and serve as his cornerstone for why he should be reelected for another term. However, if these are the words Senator Pryor uses to guide himself in the Senate, we suggest he take a hard look at what those words actually mean.

Faith: Senator Pryor’s record proves he has little faith in the American people. Otherwise why would he doom our children to the black hole of No Child Left Behind? Why would he support Paycheck Protection to strengthen the hand of the failing union system while taking honest peoples’ money to fund it? The votes go on and on. Pryor’s faith is rooted in the government, not the people.

Responsibility: His support of T.A.R.P, ObamaCare, and the failed stimulus shows his utter lack of responsibility to govern or properly manage the taxpayers’ money. For someone so proud in his ability to act in a responsible manner why don’t his actions match his words?

Security: With a record so in lockstep with the Democratic machine, Senator Pryor has done nothing to protect our nation. Between the bailouts, the government takeover of healthcare and the reckless spending, his actions have weakened our economy and sold off our economic security for unattainable liberal ideals.

Senator Pryor has missed the mark when it comes to describing then kind of leader he wants to be. His belief that government has all the answers has consistently been proven wrong and his record shows the proof. What we need are senators who are willing to take a stand against their president and their Party to make sure the priorities of the country are always at the forefront of our leaders’ minds.