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Senators unveil "Tea Party Budget" plan to "stop the debt," balance the budget in 5 years

Great news! Fiscal conservatives chalked up yet another victory in their march to "stop the debt" yesterday, when three "tea party"-aligned U.S. senators unveiled S.CON.RES.39, a comprehensive balanced budget that closely resembles the grassroots-generated "Tea Party Budget."

Lee Paul DeMint






The bold plan -- unveiled by Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah, and Jim DeMint of South Carolina -- would:

  • Cut $9+ trillion from the the budget over the next decade
  • Eliminate 4 departments (Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD)
  • Repeal ObamaCare in its entirety
  • Reform entitlements
  • Balance the budget in 5 years, and
  • Stop the debt

Like The Tea Party Budget report on which it draws, the "tea party" senators' budget would convert massive deficits to healthy surpluses by 2017.

Officially titled "A Platform to Revitalize America," the senators' bill would also privatize the TSA, shrink the EPA by 50 percent, freeze foreign aid at $5 billion a year, sell off excess federal land, and shutter or downsize dozens of unconstitutional or unaffordable programs and agencies.

This is the boldest, most serious budget proposal introduced in Congress in our lifetimes. We at FreedomWorks will be proudly encouraging our 1.5 million grassroots activist members to get behind it.

As far as I'm concerned, this bill provides a "gold standard" by which to judge all other proposals as the budget fight heats up over the next few weeks.

The GOP-led House hopes to pass a budget by April. The Democrat-controlled Senate has not scheduled a budget vote, and indeed has failed to pass a budget for the past three years.

At yesterday's press conference, Senator Paul, who introduced the bill on behalf of the trio, reminded listeners of why serious spending restraint is essential at this critical time:

Already, what was once considered unthinkable has occurred: the creditworthiness and economic outlook of the United States of America have been downgraded. This is more than a national embarrassment, it's an indication that the world is losing confidence in America's ability to pay our bills and of our government to change course.

But, he said,

This budget shows we can stop the debt crisis, improve our economy, expand freedom, and secure the future for our children and grandchildren. . . . This balanced budget makes the commonsense decision that we've got to stop spending more than we're bringing in.

Sen. Paul -- who seems to have inherited fiscal seriousness from his father, presidential candidate Ron Paul -- also noted that the plan is the "only budget" likely to be offered this year "that balances within the Balanced Budget Amendment window," that is, the five-year transition period envisioned in the proposed BBA drafted by his colleage Senator Lee and supported by all 47 Republican Senators.

The new bill comes as yet another vindication for the tea party movement, which, since it began three years ago, has been criticized for "having no plan" for how to cut the national debt.

The Tea Party Debt Commission's report put that perception to rest late last year, but now the movement's view has proved itself politically relevant by being turned into the framework for serious legislation.

FreedomWorks' President and CEO Matt Kibbe said, when announcing the Tea Party Debt Commission project last June, "The only way we will ever reduce the debt and balance the budget is if America beats Washington and tea party activists take over this process."

The Tea Party Budget was submitted to Congress last November by a 12-member citizens panel, the Tea Party Debt Commission. The idea for the panel came out of a meeting at FreedomWorks headquarters with more than 150 tea party activists from across the country. Our organization was proud to facilitate the work of the panel during the summer and fall of 2011, when the Commission criss-crossed the country taking citizen testimony and surveying more than 50,000 Americans online for their budget-cutting preferences.

On November 17th, the panel traveled to Washington to submit its recommendations to Congress. That day, several Members of Congress were on hand to receive the group's tesimony. But things went awry at the outset, when, in a widely reported incident, staff from the Senate Rules Committee (chaired by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrat from New York) swooped into the ornate hearing room to shut down the microphones and evict the audience.

Some of the guests present had traveled across the country to be present for the event, which, the staff declared, must now break up. Why? It was a verboten "simulated hearing," they claimed, though their own boss is notorious for hosting such events. But the effort to kill the story failed when the entire gathering decided to transfer the proceedings two blocks down the street, to a private site owned by Michigan's Hillsdale College.

Among the Senators taking part in the banned "simulated hearing" that day: Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Yesterday, the two men beamed. Still within "a minority of the minority" in an institution still very much addicted to spending and debt, they looked like men confident the future belongs to them, and to their ideas.

For local activists who want to take their country back from the brink of economic collapse -- and who for three years have been jeered at, sneered at, dismissed, and called everything from "astroturf" to "domestic terrorists" -- it was a most satisfying day.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senators to cosponsor S.CON.RES.39, the Tea Party / "Platform" Budget.

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks' Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy


Budget Report Card: Rand Paul Tea Party Budget = Best in Class

william keating

There is no one here except me for the last 10 weeks. Pathetic

william keating

Dumbest idea I've ever heard. Cutting all those departments to quickly could send us into a devastating depression, what with putting all those people out of work all at once. I agree we must cut. How about we cut Military budget (do we really need bases in some of these non-strategic countries)? How about we cut corporate welfare? How about we cut farm welfare for corporate farms? There is more than enough fat in every dept to cut without eliminating to soon. How about we cut politicians pensions and healthcare? Why should they get a pension after only working 4 years? how about working 4 years gets them 1/10th of a pension. The rest of us have to work 40 years why not them too? How about we cut politicians free golden healthcare for life? I don't get free healthcare why should they? If they want a national healthcare system, give me the healthcare they have. How abot we cut ALL froreign aid? How about we raise tarriffs to protect American jobs and American companies that employ AMERICANS? How about we help companies that employ Americans at a living wage, not some sub-par wage and no benefit package that puts a larger strain on Gov't healthcare. How about some "Fair Play" for American working people and small American companies. We must get the Global Corporatists influence out of our Gov't and elections. We must VOTE OUT the politicians that are owned by the Global Corporatists be they Dem or Republican. They are the true enemies within. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL", and America is severely divided right now. We must learn to communicate and comprimise on every issue to give every American "FAIR PLAY" and a "Fair playing field" on which to start their lives and/or business. "A DIVIDED PEOPLE IS AN EASILY CONQUERED PEOPLE". Lets have some "serious" discussions instead of one-upmanship and pandering and rhetoric. Lets roll up our sleeves get to work and make fair balanced cuts in every dept. Lets rebuild America's failing infrastructure. America spends 2.5% on infrastructure, Japan and China spend 12 and 13%.

william keating

This is the dumbest plan I've ever heard. I agree cutting the depts but eliminating would be catastrophic if done to fast. How about cutting Defense budget, how about eliminating all foreign aid. How about cutting politicians pensions, why should they get full pension for only 4 measley years aof work. That 4 years should only get them 1/10th of a full pension. And how about if politicians only get the same healthcare I get NONE unless THEY pay for it LIKE ME. How about eliminating Corporate and Farm welfare and level the playing field for smaller companies?How about helping American companies that employ Americans and NOT the global corporations that want us to be a cheap labor pool that allows them complete rights to pollute our once great country. How about raising tarrifs to help American workers and companies that employ Americans? How about some "Fair Play" for Americans and American companies that employ AMERICANS? How about some season reform Austerity has always been a complete failure everytime and everywhere it was tried. Do we not learn anything from history. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" and we have been falling for a lot. "FROM TIME TO TIME THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST SHED THE BLOOD OF TYRANTS AND PATRIOTS" Lets eliminate the "Enemy within" that is the global corporatists, and the ploiticians they OWN?

Ben Franklin

It is time to kill the tea party but i do love it . It is like beating a dead horse ! If we went and exposed socialist laws and blamed them on the tea party while saying we are the new republicrat party trying to stop communism . "We" would be able to expose progressive policies.By the way we would writing history and could make the real patriots the tea party . I know it is a crazy thought but what else would you get from Ben Franklin

Bill LeMaitre

I am on the phone!

william keating

Hurray for you

Sandy Briggs

The Democrats act defiant and self-righteous concerning the "fine job" this administration has done under Pres. Obama. What is evident is they will talk loudly and are quick to point out the problems this nation faces are because of the Bush era. I'd love the opportunity to talk to Ms Pelosky and ask her about what she and Sen. Reid have done for this country. All we've seen is communist tactics and a lot of name calling against the American people, and the Tea Party movement--who are NOT "Domestic Terrorist." If she wants to see a real terrorist all she would have to do is look into a mirror.
What the "Dynamic Trio" has done is amazing. In just their short tenure they have honed a very reasonable, funds-to-debt conscience budget which the Democrats have refused to produce in more than 1000 days. Are they afraid the American people will see how much of a mess they have made out of our fragile economic system? Or, are they just laying in wait to seige more opportunities to make Pres. Obama look like the savior he isn't. If it weren't for the Tea Party members and the "young, patriot-minded" Republican Senators R. Paul, M. Lee and J. DeMint. Great Job!

william keating

The true domestic terrorist or "Enemies within" are the dem and republican politicians in the pockets of the global corporatists that are trying to undermine our elections and our fragile economy.

Bill LeMaitre

The senators and congressman who believe in government for the people and by the people Need our support more than ever before.
The media have put a halo around Obamas head as if he were the savior.
We need more God fearing Americans to stand up for the truth.

linda boghossian

linda boghossian it is about time someone did the right thing to put a budgest. I hope Senator Rand paul bring his budgest on the senate floor. I do not care what Harry Reid says.He should go now with all the other dem. Get rid of him. He is done. He makes me illl every time he comes on the floor. He has alaway has some lane idea going on with him. Mith looks like he so scard of him. I could not care less about harry reid. as I said before he is done.

Paul Boore

Sounds like a good beginning. Not so sure the rest of the Repubs will go along, and am certain the Dems won't. The Senate should be disbanded as well (as Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD), since they cannot function (except as pious overlords) - haven't passed a budget in three years, even with one handed to them by the House. What's wrong with this picture??

Dona Elliott's picture

I'm sure that this budget will hurt as we start to cut back, but if we don't start somewhere, we will find ourselves begging for help like Greece! We can't put this off any longer and personally I would like to see legislation passed for a "balanced budget" from now on. We don't send people to Congress to just line their pockets or ours...we need responsible adults doing the hard things!!

william keating

Yes we do have to start somewhere and cuts are a good start in ALL deparments, but austerity has never ever worked in any time or country that has tried it. Do we not learn from history, austerity does NOT work

Bill LeMaitre

Your are not going to find but a few of responsible adults. Most are there to stay in power and control, when our rights are striped away. Most of them have already sold their souls to people who keep them in office.
Our young people have nothing to compare their freedoms to.They have no knowledge of what government control is.Like in Russia when people died to get to freedom from a all government control nation.

Elizabeth Templar

Stop the suicidal mission now.

High Treason: Obama and Pentagon Declare Congress Invalid 2012

NWO – UN took the control of U.S. Military and American citizens are paying for this.

I am warning incompetent public servants, FBI, CIA, Military about the collapse of this current fascist-communism system structure. It is based on the simple algebra calculation.
Exterminate your own incompetency now or soon you and the people will make the career in the mass graves in a similar manner as Hitler-Germany and Soviet-Union did.
All is predictable, based on the current evidence and the history. Never say never again, I will see you in the hell.

National Debt and Defense spending- financing global wars at U.S. taxpayer cost.

NWO – United Nation Division and NATO –took the control of U.S. Military and American citizens are paying for military expenditure, the largest expenditure, almost $ 698 billion and this is 43% of world share and 4.8% of our GDP.

See the data and a list of countries by military expenditures

Our debt is out of control and this is a national security threat.

See the military budget for the defense 2012

Our annual Tax Revenues is only $ 2.2 Trillion.

Total defense spending for 2010 was $.689 Trillion and this is 31.31% of Total Tax Revenue of 2.2Trillion.

Projected spending

Take a look now at Projected spending, see Budget break down for 2012 , it is $1.03 -1.42T and it is 46.82% -64.55% of total Tax Revenue of 2.2T and this is also an increase in defense spending excluding the interest on the debt in the range of 33% to 43%.

Take a look also at interest on the debt to Federal Reserve - 109.1-431.5 Billion and do not forget that we are paying annual total interest on the debt $454 billion and this is 20.63 % of tax Revenue of 2.2 Trillion.

Based on this calculation we are going to fail and it looks that increased spending might imply coming, planned war. We need money to spend to go to war, do we? Tell me that I am wrong.

Based on simple algebra calculation, there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, Medicare, poor and all other public service.

Total spending = $3.5 Trillion . Our Tax Revenue is only $2.2 Trillion and this is the creation of annual deficit of $1.3 Trillion and this is an addition to our national debt of
$ 15.00 Trillion that is growing now out of control.

See on the graph total spending = $3.5 Trillion, our Tax Revenue is only 2.2Trillion.

NATIONAL DEBT – OUT OF CONTROL – It is the Weapon of Mass Destruction and National Security Threat. Stop the terrorism of public servants.

Senate Vote Approves Rise in Debt Limit in January 2012.

The debt limit will rise immediately by $1.2Trillion to $16.4 trillion, from the current ceiling of $15.2 trillion. This is an increase by 7.89% and the Debt/GDP ratio will increase from current 100% to 107% and this an emergency. Our GDP growth is less than 2% and it will be much worse.

Maximum allowable Debt/GDP ratio is 60% . It is implied that there will not be any money to pay for public servants, defense, veterans, Social Security, Medicare, poor.......

See more, U.S. National Debt, State Debt and Foreign Debt data. Attention we are facing confiscation and nationalization of U.S.companies


See the interest we are paying on our National debt -$454.3 billion in 2011.
This is 20.65 % of Federal Tax Revenue of 2.2Trillion. Add to it the repayment of the debt and this is about $1 Trillion in total payments, depending on the maturity date. This is the transfer from the poor and middle class to the parasites and wealthy bankers.

This is almost 50% of total Tax Revenue and the next implied conclusion is that there will not be any money to pay for Social Security, Veterans, Military, poor.. and next, the government will increase the taxes in the form of price-control- inflation, extortion -bail-outs-redistribution, devaluation of US$, confiscation of assets, assassination, tax seizure-recent property tax increase on people’s home and business is 18% and growing.

Terminate illegal, unconstitutional banking monopoly the FED-financial terrorist and print our money debt free, interest free before we fall to the mass graves.

william keating

Communists and Socialist are not the problem. The problem is Global Corporatists and the birth of Fascism in America.

Bill LeMaitre

I Hope God and your comments will wake up people, when i say anything i am a crazy old man. When the communist take over the country one of the first things they do is to attack your religious beliefs. Along with appointing Federal agencies and giving them more power, this leads to a police state.

teda's picture
Ted Abram

Great job FreedomWorks and Tea Party activists. Change only occurs when Americans demand it. The Tea Party Budget hearings were the start. Followed by the presentation of the Budget. Now three Senators have introduced legislation. Very important, Tea Party activists must constantly talk to friends and contact their Representatives and Senators. Only when a substantial numbers of Americans demand fiscal sanity will the politicians make the necessary change.


There should at least be a discussion on these proposed cuts. Don't think Senator Reid will allow that to happen.

Allen Jones

I agree totally with Norman Byer make Romney put his money where his mouth is. Romney talks and claims to be conservative, now its time he walks the walk and show us he is conservative and signs on to the deal proposed by Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint.

Elizabeth Templar

Ron Paul = U.S. Constitution = Life, Liberty, Prosperity.

Get it now or get it in the front of mass grave. Ron Paul for U.S. President or we are dead under the dictatorship and the idiocy/incompetency of other politicians.

None of them have any intellectual capacity to return our unalienable Constitutional rights - to Life, Liberty, Prosperity. They are an insult on human intelligence and national security threat.

Norman Byer

If I was Newt, Santorum, or Ron Paul before I give up my Delicates to Romney I would make him sign on to this deal and hold his feet to the Fire after Election.


Now THAT'S what I call a plan!

william keating

Oh its a plan alright, a bad one but a plan nonetheless

Ben Franklin

It is time to kill the tea party but i do love it . It is like beating a dead horse ! If we went and exposed socialist laws and blamed them on the tea party while saying we are the new republicrat party trying to stop communism . "We" would be able to expose progressive policies.By the way we would writing history and could make the real patriots the tea party . I know it is a crazy thought but what else would you get from Ben Franklin