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Sequester: Insincerity and Mendacity

Democracy and Power 108: Obfuscation

Wherever politics intrudes upon economic life, political success is readily attained by saying what people like to hear rather than what is demonstrably true. Instead of safeguarding truth and honesty, the state then tends to become a major source of insincerity and mendacity. —Hans F. Sennholz

Sequester:  Insincerity and Mendacity

In July 2011, at the suggestion of President Obama, Congress passed a number of spending reductions.  On March 1, 2013, these reductions will commence.  Over the course of ten years, defense and domestic spending will be reduced by approximately $1.2 trillion.  Originally, the White House praised these cuts as good governance: 

Fact Sheet:
Bipartisan Debt Deal - A Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline

In the recent State of the Union address, President Obama proclaimed spending cuts are bad for America:

"That's why Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, and economists have already said that these cuts, known here in Washington as 'the sequester', are a really bad idea."

Thus, a win for the economy and budget discipline has radically changed to become "sudden, harsh, arbitrary cuts."

Additionally, in the same State of the Union speech, the President proclaimed reducing spending is bad for economic growth. 

"Most Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, and Independents -- understand that we can't just cut our way to prosperity." 

Well, Mr. President, you and your speech writers are in total disagreement with excellent Harvard economists.   Robert Barro, an economist at Harvard, strongly advocates cutting spending and reducing the debt.  Barro cites Harvard research, which verifies cutting government spending as a far superior method to improve our economy than increasing taxes.  

After studying fiscal stabilization in OECD countries, Alberto Alesina, political economist, has concluded that eliminating fiscal deficits through spending cuts tends to be much better for the economy than eliminating them through tax increases.  
Contrary to your latest proclamation, Mr. President, most Americans want reduced spending.  Without question, more money spent, saved and invested by every American is better utilized than by the insincerity and mendacity regularly associated with government.  

Joy Radford

Obiously, You are mis-informed or mis-stating the facts!!! Obama WON the election because he represents what is right, moral, good for people,,NOT The Mitt Romneys' of the world!!
Funny thing,,,,,our country is 100 times better off now than in previous administration!!It takes awhile to undo everything George Bush and the Republicans did !!!!!

Dana Hale

Joy, (I like your name), there is nothing wrong with government, per se. But you are mistaken, when you say Congress is working for Government, as such. Our Constitution specifically states that Government is WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE and to be governed BY THE PEOPLE. They work for US. When they grow too big, and begin to trample on the very LAW the Constitution sets forth, and when they have violated the oath they SWORE to UPHOLD, that very Document this Nation is built on...well, I'm sure you can see the problem there.
It isn't just this administration, you are correct. However, current administration HAS done more than its share of tearing away of this Country's foundation. Furthermore, this President RAN for the appointment of his office, thus allowing us to assume that to a large degree, he KNEW what he was stepping into. So, I for one, am fed up with the notion, "It's Bush's Fault." He actually ran for, and was granted, a second term. Thus, by his logic, the point at which we now find ourselves, would be HIS fault, would it not?

Joy Radford

You don't even have a good argument...because there is none.....What is so wrong with 'government'? Aren't the congressmen 'suppose' to be working for govt.??taking their salaries, health care, free membership to health club, free Healthcare for Life,(even when they lv. office) So,,,,,,,,exactly what is it that you find 'repulsive' about gov't??? Obviously, the congressmen/women love gov't.!! Free travel, free trips, opportunities for 'wealth' beyond their dreams.....
Perhaps they are the 47%, in fact, i know they are, the users, beggars, give me, give me more!!!! The Hypocrisy is un-real!!!!!

D Williams

Oh what joy to see Joy back. Joy just wants more Gument so that makes BO the king because expand Gument is all he knows or cares about. All we need to do is compare the amount of debt accumulated by Bush and BO and see which is worse or do Facts get in you way also. He will never take responsibility for anything. If it is good he will take credit, bad it is Bush's fault and you guys believe it. Jeez

Joy Radford

There was no 'Deficit' until George Bush became President (thru, corrupt dealings with the election) We had a surplus, as you know, Unless the FACTS get in the way with the Conservative viewpoint....

Joy Radford

And, Forrest, You seem to be the one '''actually not Knowing anything....I am very well informed citizen.

Joy Radford

Watch the Documentary tonight @ 9:00 , MSNBC re: Bushs' War!!!
You , like all the Republicans (i assume you are one of them) seem very angry and hostile!!!

Forrest Baker


What did 'Bush and the Republicans' do? Oh he spent too much I will agree with anyone who states that... But ummm... isn't the purpose of the article to agree that we need spending cuts? What else? Created tax cuts for everyone? Well Obama got his tax increases on the rich, $40 Billion this year, in a deficit of $850 Billion that does not seem like it is going to fix that much...

We are better off now that the FISCAL CRISIS IS OVER, but that had to do with economics and a bad way which created unsustainable debt that was being traded at too high of amounts. How was that Bush's fault except that he listened to the Federal Reserve and did nothing about it, just like the majority of Americans?

So what did 'Bush' and the Republicans actually 'do' Joy?

That is right NOTHING that you can point to and say 'that is it'. The minuscule amount of taxes that he reduced on the rich was nothing. Obama just talked about NOT raising taxes on the middle class, which would have lowered the debt an additional $200 Billion ( and stalled the economy in the process )!!! Those were tax cuts BUSH put into place.

Honestly don't simply get on and rattle off a diatribe without actually KNOWING anything.