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A Simple Plan to Avert the Fiscal Cliff

What should Congress do on the Fiscal Cliff? 1) Lock in $1.2 trillion in ten-year sequester savings. 2) Extend ALL current tax rates for one year. 3) Reform taxes and entitlements to avert another debt downgrade. Questions?

P.S. From now on, every debt ceiling increase should be offset by an equivalent amount of spending reductions, in the same bill. No more kicking the can down the road!

That is all.

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FreedomWorks to Congress: Keep Your Promise on Sequester Savings

Catherine Guilbault

May I suggest: “The National Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2012. This is a temporary act of Congress to resolve a fiscal crisis ($16 trillion dollars of debt), most of which other sovereigns are the creditors, which has threatened the sovereignty and credit of the nation, and acting under the US Constitution and taxing and commerce authority granted therein, the US will impose the following tax which shall continue until such time the federal deficit shall decrease to a level lower than $5 trillion dollars: It shall be the law that that: (1) each manufacturer of personal property of any kind shall certify on the box or label of every item sold in the United States whether or not it is (x) assembled abroad or (y) assembled in the US but parts consisting more than 85% imported. Manufacturers shall operate in good faith and failure to provide labels shall impose an automatic federal tax unless and until such time a proper label is put on the product. (2) each retailer to the consumer shall collect a 5% federal tax on (x) all imported goods and (y) goods assembled in the US but parts consisting more than 85% imported. Retailers shall operate in good faith and fines assessed by the IRS or any of its agencies on retailers failing to collect such tax shall be mandated for the noncompliance by such retailers. (3) Federal tax shall be charged to the consumer, collected by the retailer, and quarterly sent to the IRS.” -- It is a thought -- Out of the Box and no old ladies lose money and the rich can keep employing and buying things to stimulate the economy and - hey maybe manufacturing will move back to the US!

kevhenn54's picture
Kevin Hennelly

I would go a step further and let the Bush Tax Cuts expire with any increase in revenue, every dollar goes to debt reduction. NOT ONE PENNY gets spent. Go back to Graham, Rudman, Hollings.
Also, DO NOT repeal any Obamacare taxes, he owns them, do not let him off the hook.
Once we have more tax payers, more people with "skin" in the game we can then have a serious discussion on Cutting Spending and Cutting Taxes.