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Press Release

Spending is the Maine Problem


Lawmakers in Maine realized the need for tax reform to fund education and give Mainers property tax relief. On November 4, 2003 a referendum will be held for the citizens of Maine to vote on tax reform proposals.

The only plan that has made the November 4th ballot thus far was proposed by the Maine Municipal Association (MMA). MMA’s plan calls for the state to provide over $200 million for local education and to give taxpayers property tax relief of the same amount.

Still, Maine state officials need to be careful of how to raise the $200 million necessary for the tax cut. The additional revenues needed should come from spending cuts to ensure that one tax relief is not traded with some other tax increase. According to the Tax Foundation, Maine ranks #1 in the country with the highest combined state and local tax burden as a percentage of income. This statistic shows the heavy load all Mainers must carry with them and further emphasizes the need for legitimate reform.

Another plan is expected to be proposed by the state Legislature in the special session that begins August 21st. The Legislature’s plan will almost certainly contain broadening the sales tax as well as increasing the upper tax bracket from 8% to 10% to cancel out any property tax relief. It is clear that Mainers need relief, and that this plan negates any break for the taxpayers. The Maine Legislature must find ways to reduce its costs and its spending significantly.

CSE wants to take action to ensure the citizens of Maine get real tax reform– but we need you!

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