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Press Release

Study Shows, FreedomWorks “Burn Your ObamaCare Card” Strategy Can Save Young Americans Hundreds of Dollars

Washington, DC- In response to a National Center for Public Policy Research study revealing that single, childless Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 could save at least $500 by opting out of ObamaCare and paying the $95 individual mandate penalty instead, FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Public Policy Dean Clancy released the following statement:

“It’s a social injustice to draft young, healthy Americans into a coercive program where they are expected to pay more money to get less coverage, all in the name of subsidizing people older and richer than they are. If ObamaCare is so effective, why does it have to be mandatory? Young Americans should pick the coverage that works best for them.”

“If enough young people can see through the trickery of the government-funded ObamaCare ad campaign and buck the individual mandate to pay a much smaller fine, we can hasten ObamaCare’s inevitable collapse and pave the way for a patient-centered system that helps all Americans get the coverage that best meets their individual needs.”

Last month, FreedomWorks launched a nationwide campaign to “Burn Your ObamaCare Draft Card,” a metaphor for the compulsory recruitment of Americans to participate in government-run health care. Without forced premium payments by millions of young adults under 40, the unpopular mandated health care law can’t work.

The campaign includes live, online video trainings to activists on their options to beat the mandate, educational manuals on how to protect a person’s rights while resisting the health care draft, and strategic partnerships with other pro-liberty youth outreach organizations to take the message of peaceful ObamaCare civil disobedience to college campuses across the country.

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