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Support Hobby Lobby Against Government Tyranny

When a government oversteps its limitations, citizens will sometimes grumble or gripe. When it’s the American government overstepping the bounds of the Constitution, Americans band together and take it a little more seriously.

When local governments tried to stomp on Chick-Fil-A’s right to free speech, a grassroots movement organized a day to support them. Americans swarmed to the restaurants on  Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, shattering sales records. A similar event was planned to support Papa John’s Pizza after owner John Schattner was realistic about the ramifications of Obamacare. Now, the government is treading on the religious beliefs, and ultimately the first amendment rights of business owners, and Americans are poised to step up to the plate again. 

As Christians, the Green family who own Hobby Lobby are unable to provide the morning-after pill as part of their healthcare coverage without violating their religious beliefs. As that coverage is required under Obamacare, this conflict has set off a legal battle that still rages on. In order to comply with their religious beliefs, the Greens could be out up to $1.3 million per day in fines. That would be more than $40 million this month alone. 

Fortunately, the American people have their backs. This Saturday, January 5th, has been appointed as the day to support Hobby Lobby with our wallets. It is getting costly to take a stand against the overreaching government, however, we can pitch in to show our support to business owners who are willing to do so and to show the government that these businesses do not stand alone. Our Constitution must be defended.  

Todd Peterson

This is truly an outrage! I can not believe that our government will allow the fleecing of Americans through FALSE business opportunities providing in franchising and then FORCE business owners to participate in a Health Care Program which promotes the sinful nature of man. I am sick and tired of our government creating Americans who want to live in sin instead of teaching them what their bodies were intended to be used for. Unmarried sex is the cause of a lot of problems in our country and until our government starts defending good instead of promoting evil we are going to remain a nation of tyrant leaders. I salute Hobby Lobby for standing up against a government which is degrading family values and is using sin to buy votes for elections. When is our government going to stop promoting sin and start promoting family values? There should be NO COMPROMISE!!! on this issue.