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Press Release

Taxpayer Relief Pledge


On May 26th, the U.S. Congress passed one of the largest tax cuts in history. This bill marked the first time in a generation that Americans have had their tax burden reduced by any significant amount. Although an excellent first step, Congress cannot allow their hard won efforts to be watered down or undone.

As a supporter of tax relief and returning the surplus to the taxpayers that earned it, I hereby pledge to:

Support those tax cuts passed by Congress and signed by the President – opposing any attempts to weaken or abolish these hard fought gains.
Support efforts to make the tax cuts permanent - in particular the repeal of the death tax and marginal rate reductions.



Please sign the pledge by June 22nd and demonstrate your willingness to fight for taxpayers’ interest in providing much needed tax relief. Fax your signed pledge today to Danielle Doane at (202) 783-4687

View the list of legislators that have already signed the pledge.