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Is The Tea Party Over?

Originally Published in on 5/21/14.

As the Republican establishment has learned, gone are the days when Americans don’t care about politics.

For the sake of the country, millions of Tea Party grassroots activists are now politically active because of government overreach and lack of accountability from politicians. These activists are taking a stand for limited-government and reminding politicians that they were elected to represent the people and not themselves.

Following the recent primary election defeat of Tea Party backed candidates, some are saying it’s a sign the movement is losing its influence.

On the contrary, the Tea Party movement is alive and well.

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rf.gregg's picture

Ok fine. But I think you missunderestemate the Tea Party. The Tea Party is just people. It's people who believe that our founding principles are not being represented in Washington D. C. The name Tea Party might go away but the principle of freedom and a free market will never die until honest people allow them to fade away. Tea party is far from "fake grass roots". Hope and change comes from the top down, and it's fake hope and change. Hope and change is just global gulag movement. And it's being propagated by both parties. But not the "Tea Party". :)

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Its important to understand that one of the purposes of the tea party was to create distraction: create another "us versus them" situation, in this case liberals and conservatives. Personally I have no problem with people who differ in their opinions over mine. We're all intelligent people and have reasons for thinking as we do. But when a fake grass roots movement such as this one intentionally seeks to generate distraction so that back room deals can be made to benefit a select few with deep pockets then that's not a debate. do democrats do some of the same things? Sure. It would be unfair to say they didn't. But the tea party is unprecedented in how carefully organized it was to appear as real yet is a mere lobbying tool. To their credit they have allowed me to post a differing, critical comment on their site so kudos for that.

But regardless the "movement" didn't net the desired results and hence my previous remark. Anyway, it's fine to agree to disagree. But let's work towards rationale debate instead.

Have a good day.

Morlocke's picture

Funny how much of your characterization of the Tea Party movement is just projection. It is Democrats who play the politics of division: White vs. Black, Men vs. Women, Rich vs. Poor, etc.

You claim that the Tea Party was "carefully organized" to "distract from back room deals", but who was it making those back room deals? Republicans controlled NOTHING in the Federal government when the Tea Party was forming, so your claim that a right-wing movement was intended to distract from left-wing political machinations makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

OWS actually was a fake grassroots movement funded by left-wing billionaires as a response to the Tea Party movement. They needed a distraction from the message that big government causes more problems than it creates, so they scapegoated "fat cats" on Wall Street. Where is that movement now?

rf.gregg's picture

I'm still here. The truth hasn't changed. You give it up if that's who you are. Not me. You have no business talking about weaseling. Your guy out spends "our" billionaires by 10 to 1. Are you sure you're not just a liberal, communist wuss?

stonestone's picture
stone stone

The fact that this article was even written gives the answer: Yes. The tea party is over. All the tea party ever was is a simple marketing device put on by nuumerous umbrella groups whom represent various lobbys and the interests of various industrial conglomerates as well as a few well-known multi-billionaire conservatives with businesses tied to the very things the tea party groups tend to either defend or combat for their benefit.

Where am I going with this? Well if you're a political advertising campaign its expected that with a certain campaign that net profits will be realized. Given that the Tea Party was unable to stop Obamacare and more recently failed to elect more zany far-right politicians over established GOP politicians shows a total failure of the aforementioned campaign. Thus I imagine those investors whom I assume are at least somewhat financially savvy will seek to pull their investments from this so-called movement and seek another means to weasel their way into American politics. They will fail no matter what they do because its so amazingly transparent what their desired goal is.

So short answer is: yes. The tea party is done. Oh I'm sure a few more meager calls will come to "create freeeeedom" or some other weightless phrase along those lines. But yup- The tea party can take its place along with all the other instances in American history when a too-specific movement was unable to make itself legitimate via its false pretenses.