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Press Release

Ted Cruz Wins FreedomWorks for America Straw Poll at the 9/12 Grassroots Summit

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 9/13/15.

FreedomWorks for America polled activists at the 9/12 Grassroots Summit in Orlando, FL. Activists from Florida and the surrounding states voted for who they want the 2016 GOP presidential nominee to be.

The final results for the top three vote getters were as follows:

Sen. Ted Cruz - 41%

Ben Carson - 12%

Donald Trump - 8%

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jeff789's picture
Jeff Noncent

that is interesting to say the least

RosieTea1's picture

My husband and I attended the Summit - it was a great time. Was so special being surrounded by like minded, kind and considerate individuals. We and everyone around us voted to support Ted Cruz for POTUS. I cast my second choice for Scott Walker - husband for Ben Carson. It could have been reversed. We both feel all three gentlemen would serve America well and be alert to the needs and requirements to bring America back to her deserved glory. However much I agree with what Trump "says", I fear it is lip service only. He is too much of a big gov guy and that imminent domain thing bothers the heck out of me and mine. I'll take Cruz, Carson and Walker over all the rest. Thanks to Freedom Works for a well done event and for being a voice where a voice is needed.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Please make sure and spend all the money on trump and the Canadian guy. Yay!!! N

katiedid's picture
Kay Woodruff

Cruz would definitely be a winner. The general public distrusts Washington for good reason. Even though Ted Cruze has been a worrier for standing with the Constitution many folks who don't follow politics have no clue--he is just another Washington insider. I would like to see with Cruz, Carson, or Fiorino or some combination. Would also like to see Ted Cruz as Attorney General if not the nominee for president. Trump scares me, but I have to give it to him--he derailed the GOP from pushing the sameo-Sameo on us. At least the known progressives are not on top. Don't know where Trump stands. I want to hear HOW he is going to do all he had promised. Fear another Obama--hope and change without explaining how he intended on shredding our Constitution. We need to pray, pray, pray that we can nominate a candidate who will lead America back to greatness.

greenalchemy's picture
Tom Flandro

That's a very good point for him at least as attorney general since he's argued so many cases before the Supreme Court. He outlines much of his work with the SC in his book. I feel the same way about Trump. I need to know what he's going to do exactly and what specifically is his plans are. I have my favorites but I'm not totally sold on anyone just yet.

skpllc's picture

I favor Cruz or Carson (co voter)

skpllc's picture

Is the event archiv d for viewing?

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