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Tell the FCC to Undo Obama's Internet Takeover

The radical left wheeled out their favorite liberal comedian on HBO to drum up support for Obama’s Internet takeover. AND IT WORKED!

In just a few days they drove over 160,000 comments to the FCC urging them to keep Obama’s Internet takeover in place. Don’t let them get away with it. Contact President Trump’s FCC right now. Tell them undo Obama’s Internet takeover.

Write your own comment and tell them to roll back Title II regulations.

Make no mistake about it, this is our one chance to undo Obama’s Internet takeover. But time is running out and we’re losing ground fast.

By repealing these oppressive Obama regulations, new, good-paying, American jobs will be created and you’ll get a better, faster Internet.

Please contact the FCC and tell them to undo Obama’s Internet takeover today.


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