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Testimony by Karen Bracken, Tennessee

By Karen Bracken

Although we are late to the game, we have picked up speed in the battle against Common Core faster than we ever imagined. Many of us had been hearing about Common Core for a long time but, like most, thought it all sounded so great. I had tried to approach FreedomWorks over two years ago about Agenda 21 and how it will affect education. I thought FreedomWorks would be interested in helping with my national Agenda 21 group from the perspective of education. I knew there was a plan put in place from the Clinton years to circumvent our education system and then again with the No Child Left Behind Act, but did not connect Common Core because of the lack of details and information. I first became involved when people in my national Agenda 21 coalition started telling me about CSCOPE in Texas. In December 2012 I started reaching out to others in Tennessee and some were coming to me about Common Core. I then, as did many others, started a crash course in Common Core. I created a presentation, set up a website (Tennessee Against Common Core) and started talking to my national Agenda 21 group about Common Core. Another member of our team set up a Facebook page (Stop Common Core in Tennessee). What really opened my eyes to Common Core was an article I read about Bill Ayers and his involvement with Common Core. That was the point that I said there must be more to this than we are being told. And boy was I right.

A small group of patriots in the state of Tennessee started talking. I began speaking about Common Core and started a speakers club. In January 2013 I started going to Nashville each week and meeting with legislators to talk with them about Common Core. To my surprise none of them knew anything about Common Core. I talked and left them information. Others started to do the same. I continued this until the session ended. Some progress was made—one legislator was willing to submit a resolution to slow down and look deeper at Common Core and to do a cost analysis. She was convinced not to submit the resolution. A Senator and Representative submitted a request for a 10-year cost analysis and another Senator on the education committee promised to conduct a summer hearing on Common Core. But we were not fooled for long. There is an overt commitment to silence the patriot groups trying to stop Common Core. So now we are out talking and educating people with lightning speed because we know we don’t have a lot of time to wake up the public. We decide to put on a large event to educate many people and legislators at one time.

OUR EVENT: We started with a meeting over lunch in Nashville. We secured a room at the Embassy Suites at Cool Springs in Franklin, TN for 200 people. We were nervous that we would never fill the room. Kevin Kookagey took care of the venue and setting up the speakers for the event. We invited legislators and the public. The first email went out on Good Friday. By Easter Monday we had 250 people registered. We increased the size of the room to 550 and three weeks before the event was scheduled we shut down registration with 750 tickets requested. The event was free to the public. We had 20 legislators in attendance. We had a panel of five experts and Kevin, ever so expertly, was our Master of Ceremonies.

We continue to speak to any group that will invite us and we are out seeking invitations. We are building a ground army. Our legislators are bought and paid for and the only way we will get Common Core repealed is by a huge ground army in targeted states. It is our hope that we can count on national groups to actually bring people from out of state like we did in Ohio for the elections, Wisconsin for Scott Walker and Massachusetts for Scott Brown. We need a targeted ground army to bombard legislators and let them know if they refuse to do as we wish they will not get elected again. 2014 is an election year and we hope this will play in our favor.

So our plan is to continue educating, build a ground army and we are planning another event in September with the capacity for 3000 people. The money we make from this event will enable us to put up billboards and to make targeted robo-calls. We are getting yard signs, bookmarks, car magnets and buttons made to spread the word. We are going to purchase the CWA movie of Jane Robbins (we already have 150 copies) and a great book about about Common Core called: Common Core: The Trojan Horse of Education Reform to sell at cost as another tool to educate people. I personally have a presentation on YouTube, and as of May 11, 2013, there have been 5,468 views. That’s 5,000 people from all over the country that we would not have been able to reach if not for YouTube. I am also doing research into campaign finances. It appears that most of the education committee members have campaign donations from Students First. One of the largest recipients of Students First money was assigned to the Senate Education Committee his first term in office. He also has no background in education. We will continue to work with legislators and get legislation passed against Common Core in the 2014 legislative session.

As you can see we have a strong group with big plans. We also will put those plans into action no matter what the cost to us personally. We are mad Americans that feel the threat to parental rights. One thing this Administration will learn is not to mess with our children or our parental rights. I believe this will be the issue to expose the agenda behind many of the things that are being implemented to destroy our country.