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Texans Give Ted Cruz a Hero's Welcome

Senator Ted Cruz may be an outcast in Washington DC, and a thorn in the side of the Republican National Committee as well as GOP leadership, but at home he is a hero. This week citizens have been hosting rallies to welcome Senator Cruz back to the Lonestar state to publically applaud and thank him for his courageous stand against Obamacare and big government bureaucrats in both parties.

Sen Cruz fans fill the hallThe outpouring of support for Senator Cruz has been remarkable. The location for tonight’s rally in Dallas has been changed three times to larger venues due to the overwhelming response. More than a thousand people have RSVP’d for the event so far! Hundreds of supporters have already turned out to welcome home their constitutional champion in Houston, and San Antonio. Ted Cruz understands that he works for Texans, not party bosses whose only goal seems to be maintaining the status quo of punting to progressives whenever things get a little tough.

Sen Ted Cruz in HoustonSenator Cruz is one of the few remaining torchbearers of liberty on Capitol Hill. Though he may be beaten and bruised by politicos, pundits, and petulant bureaucrats of all varieties in Washington, he has been welcomed home this week as a valiant defender of individual liberty and true American freedom.

Senator Cruz’s agenda is driven by the values of his constituents and the Constitution; he is beholden to We the people, not to party leaders, media sensationalist or wall street cronies. Senator Cruz’s message is shaped by his fundamental belief in individual liberty, not by a desire for popularity amongst the press. Senator Cruz is a rare breed of politician. Texans and grassroots conservatives are proud to stand with him, and stand up for him.

Welcome home Ted!

Picture credit: Tanya Robertson, Texas activist

Hk40cal's picture
jeff koch

Keep it moving Ted. Like Gen George S. Patton said....lead from the font

D Williams

Agreed! Ted and WE THE PEOPLE need to keep up the fight. The BEST line from last night's event was (paraphrasing) "you need to keep ALL politicians in line and stay active AND that includes me".

Edwin Loftus

I'm making this up, but let me suggest, in the interest of "fairness" and giving equal time to the opposition, that at the exact same time Cruz was being hailed in Dallas, Wendy Davis might have been the star speaker at a "Welcome Home" rally attended by 32 enthusiastic defenders of the "Right of the Fetus to Chose to be Aborted".

The theme of her address might have been - “If our civilization’s best elements are to survive, human husbandry, based on the principals of scientific agriculture is necessary.” (1)

The highlight of her speech would have come when she declared, “If human matings could be placed on the level of horse breeding the most progressive revolution in history could be achieved.” (2) “Society must protect itself; as it claims the right to deprive the murderer of his life so it may also annihilate the hideous serpent of hopelessly vicious protoplasm." (3) "You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind (a foreign leader, 4) in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought . . . I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people." (5)

She would have been unable to finish her address when she was drowned out by supporters chanting, “Some people are born to be a burden on the rest!” (6)

(1) - The American Eugenics Society, 1930.
(2) - American Eugenics Movement leader, Charles Davenport, 1907
(3) - Mission Statement of US Eugenics Records Office, 1911.
(4) - American Eugenics Movement supporter, Adolf Hitler.
(5) - California Eugenics Movement leader, C.M. Goethe, 1934.
(6) - The American Eugenics Society, 1930.

Hk40cal's picture
jeff koch

I have no Idea what your babbling on about...