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Thank You FreedomWorks Activists for Opposing Boehner

Thank you to all the activists that sent over 20,000 messages and 13,000 calls to Congress opposing John Boehner for Speaker of the House. 25 congressmen stood on principle and listened to the grassroots when they voted. Join us in thanking them.

As Matt said in the press release, “We are going to help grassroots activists, and the brave members of Congress who took a stand today, to continue that fight until the number of pro-liberty votes in Congress reaches critical mass.”

stonestone's picture
stone stone

First of all, stop calling yourselves a "grass roots" movement. Its nothing more than an astroturf organization and anyone with at least some IQ knows it.
Second of all THANK YOU for keeping up the good work of fragmenting and keeping the GOP in disarray. We need astroturf orgs like this one to keep the focus of the GOP on how to keep their party together while Democrats are free to focus on 2016.
Lastly, might as well stop wasting your time trying to "repeal Obamacare". That ship sailed a loooong time ago and it ain't comin' back.

TheKnob's picture
Jay Morgan

Afraid much Stone?