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Press Release

Thank You For Pledging to Hold the Line


Prominent leaders in both the Democrat and Republican Parties signed a pledge not to raise taxes – and taxpayers are now saying thank you for your pledge. NC CSE has signed pledges and commitments from a majority of members of the North Carolina House of Representatives and 18 members of the North Carolina Senate. This gives a clear majority of votes needed to stop any tax increase in the 2001-02 session of the North Carolina General Assembly.

On June 20, 2000, over 300 of our grassroots members gathered on the grounds of our State Capitol. One of the issues we discussed with our legislators was their commitment not to raise taxes. This began the grassroots efforts to get pledges signed on the tax issue. All North Carolina House and Senate members and all candidates for the North Carolina House and Senate were given a copy of the tax pledge and asked to sign it, thereby committing to the taxpayers that they would not vote for a tax increase. The pledge is to keep the burden of taxation in North Carolina no higher than its present level through the year 2002.

A complete list of those committed to not raising taxes is attached.

House of Representatives

Allred, Cary (25)
Arnold, Gene (72)
Baker, Rex (40)
Barbee, Bobby (82)
Barefoot, Daniel (44)
Blust, John (27)
Brubaker, Harold (38)
Crawford, Mark (51)
Capps, Russell (92)
Clary, Debbie (48)
Cole, Nelson (25)
Crawford, Jim (22)
Creech, Billy (20)
Culp, Arlie (30)
Daughtry, Leo (95)
Davis, Donald (19)
Decker, Michael (84)
Dedmon, Andy (48)
Dockham, Jerry (94)
Eddins, Rick (65)
Edwards, Zeno (2)
Esposito, Theresa (88)
Gillespie, Robert (49)
Grady, Robert (80)
Harrington, Michael (76)
Hiatt, William (40)
Hill, Dewey (14)
Hilton, Mark (45)
Holmes, George (41)
Howard, Julia (74)
Johnson, Linda (90)
Justus, Larry (50)
McComas, Daniel (13)
McMahan, W. Edwin (55)
Miner, David (62)
Mitchell, W. Franklin (42)
Morgan, Richard (31)
Morris, Mia (18)
Pope, Art (61)
Preston, Jean (4)
Rayfield, John (93)
Redwine, E. David (14)
Rogers, Gene (6)
Russell, Carolyn (77)
Setzer, Mitchell (43)
Sexton, Wayne (73)
Sherrill, Wilma (51)
Shubert, Fern (34)
Smith, Ronnie (4)
Starnes, Edgar (91)
Teague, Junior (25)
Thompson, Gregg (46)
Walend, Trudi (68)
Walker, Tracy (41)
Warner, Alex (75)
Weatherly, John (48)
West, Roger (53)
Wilson, Gene (40)
Wilson, Connie (57)
Ellis, Sam (15) - commitment


Ballantine, Patrick (4)
Berger, Phillip (12)
Carpenter, Robert (42)
Carrington, John (36)
Forrester, Jim (39)
Foxx, Virginia (12)
Garwood, John (27)
Hartsell, Fletcher (22)
Horton, Hamilton (20)
Kerr, John (8)
Lucas, Jeanne (13)
Moore, Kenneth (27)
Rand, Tony (24)
Rucho, Bob (35)
Thomas, Scott (3)
Webster, Hugh (21)