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Top Ten Reasons to Oppose James Lankford in Oklahoma

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 6/19/14.
  1. James Lankford voted against cutting non-defense spending to 2006 levels in order to save taxpayers billions of dollars.

  2. James Lankford voted against preventing the NSA from collecting metadata from U.S. citizens without specific authorization.2

  3. James Lankford voted to increase the debt limit without corresponding spending cuts.

  4. James Lankford voted for a Farm Bill that contains nearly a trillion dollars in spending on food stamps, farm subsidies, and corporate welfare.

  5. James Lankford voted for spending increases and full funding for ObamaCare.

  6. James Lankford voted for tariffs to stifle free trade.6

  7. James Lankford voted against closing an obsolete government agency costing $500 million a year.7

  8. James Lankford voted for distortionary government intervention in student loans.

  9. James Lankford voted against eliminating subsidies to big energy companies.9

  10. James Lankford voted against cutting half a billion dollars in funding for green energy research.