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Top Ten Reasons to Support T. W. Shannon for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 6/19/14.
  1. T. W. Shannon wants to fully repeal ObamaCare, and as Speaker of the Oklahoma House blocked a massive expansion of government-provided insurance.

  2. T. W. Shannon founded the first ever States Rights Committee to protect Oklahomans from overreaching federal regulation.

  3. T. W. Shannon wants to eliminate the Department of Education and wants to repeal Common Core education standards.

  4. T. W. Shannon wants to lower taxes, and consistently voted for lower tax rates in the Oklahoma House.

  5. T. W. Shannon supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  6. T. W. Shannon sponsored a bill requiring work standards in order to collect food stamps.

  7. T. W. Shannon sponsored a bill to prevent government agencies from raising fees on taxpayers through 2016.

  8. T. W. Shannon sponsored a bill to make it harder to file frivolous unemployment claims.

  9. T. W. Shannon voted to repeal collective bargaining rights for city employees.

  10. T. W. Shannon voted to increase local control of schools, and provide exemptions from State Board of Education rules.