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Trampling – “the Consent of the Governed”


Democracy and Power 105:  The Politician seeks power

“… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  The Declaration of Independence

Trampling – “the Consent of the Governed”

Violating their statutory rules, the Senate has not produced a budget in three years.  Senator Kirk Conrad, Chairman of the Budget Committee, intended to create a budget based on the Bowles-Simpson commission, which the President and Congress have ignored for two years.  Most likely bowing to pressures from Senator Harry Reid and the Democratic caucus, Conrad delayed an open debate and vote until after this year’s election.   According to the New York Times, Senator Conrad has stated:  

 “It’s unlikely we will reach agreement until after the election,” he said. “That’s just reality.”

Reality” is code for Congress and the President intentionally deceiving the governed – We the People.  Rather than having an open debate on the most important issue of our era – the enormous and exploding debt – the Senate will wait until the elections are completed.  Therefore, prior to the election, voters will not be adequately apprised of the size and impact of the debt.  Worse, the public will not be informed or consulted on the proffered solutions.  And wrongfully, voters will be denied a vote on the decisions made in a lame-duck session...for at least two years.  Senator Conrad, this is immoral and is trampling on the core component of self-government.

Most despicable is the evisceration of the 20th Amendment, which intended to prevent lame-duck sessions.  In the 1930’s, the 20th Amendment became part of our Constitution to prohibit legislation being promulgated by Members of Congress that were no-longer accountable to the electorate.

Presently, Congress and the President are intentionally ignoring the intent of the 20th Amendment and are plotting to enact far-reaching pieces of legislation.  There are many tax issues and budget issues impacting nearly every American that either expire or are activated on January 1, 2013.  Again, the New York Times reports:

On Jan. 1, the Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire, which would raise income tax rates on virtually every household; increase estate, dividend and capital gains tax rates; and shrink popular deductions like the child credit. More than $1 trillion in across-the-board spending cuts would also kick in, creating what the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, has called an $8 trillion “fiscal cliff.

If Congress honored the philosophy, intent and the meaning of the Constitution, all of the tax and spending cuts should have an open debate with We the People.  Conversely, Congress is plotting to trample on the American people:  For example Senator Wyden eagerly awaits for the elections to be concluded.  And the New York Times reports:

“Everybody’s waiting for the moment,” said Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, who is negotiating with Senator Dan Coats, Republican of Indiana, to prepare a tax overhaul for the lame-duck session.

Cowardly, arrogantly and harmfully, Congress intends to act on legislation that should be considered prior to the election along with an open participation of We the People with our elected Members of Congress. 

Disgracefully, major legislation has been enacted in many lame-duck sessions for the past few years.  Morally and realistically, a great society cannot continue to excel when the elected leaders intentionally disregard the rule of law and disrespect a basic tenant of self-governance – “the consent of the governed.” 

Read the about the 2010 Undemocratic Lame Duck Session.

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Patricia Thomas

When this communist government starts arresting WE THE PEOPLE for FREE SPEECH, DON'T start rioting, because that's the excuse for the planned MARTIAL LAW. What needs to be done to fight this communist government is to go after those in the government. Take them, kidnap them, and hold them ransom for our FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS. Get them as HIGH up in the government as you can. If they don't start complying, hang them for being the traitors that they are. But do it quietly, with no witnesses, a few at a time, as gorilla warfare.
This communist government doesn't fight gorilla warfare very well at all. Just don't be noticed and this communist government won't be able to prove who's doing it.

teda's picture
Ted Abram

I am absolutely opposed to any suggestion of violence. My post strongly condemns the politicial and moral actions of many politicians. However, there are two peaceful means of correcting these transgressions. Vote them out of office. Or the politicians conform to the intent and spirit of “the consent of the governed.”