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Issue Analysis

Transparency and Diligence: What the Grassroots Must Do Regarding RNC Rule 12

The past 48 hours has been a whirlwind of activity for grassroots activist across the nation, especially here in Tampa Bay. Activist have diligently pushed for state delegations to oppose proposed changes to RNC rules


Last night there was great optimism after the RNC agreed to compromise on the rule changes in an effort to avoid a floor fight. Unfortunately as a result of that compromise, RNC proposed rule 12, which would allow the RNC to rewrite the rules post convention, free of delegate and grassroots influence, will likely stand. 

This new rule could be a huge blow to the grassroots community, the RNC rules committee sets the parameters for how we as a party operate, how we establish the platform and how we choose candidates. Allowing the RNC to change the rules without our influence is a contingency plan for the RNC to keep the power to choose the direction of the GOP out of the hands of patriots like you and me. 

At this point it may be too late to mount and legitimate opposition, we did everything we could, however there was just simply not enough time to gain real traction. What we must do from this point forward is make as much noise as possible, to tell the RNC that we are that we are armed with proverbial microscopes and spotlights, and should they try to change the rules when we're not paying attention, we are going to be all over them.

The reality is we must pay as much attention to the RNC as we do the DNC, our movement is threatened from both. We have made, and will continue to make a huge impact on the direction of the GOP. The RNC is terrified of our influence, they are worried that we are constantly lurking to hold them accountable to the will of the people, if they weren’t they would not be fighting so hard for rule 12.

As of 3:00pm EST today, according to journalist TP Carney, there appears to be an effort to gather signatures to push for a floor on the minority report. We'll keep working this story as breaking news happens. 

West Coast Patriot

I truly believe that Mitt Romney is the Republican form of Barack Obama. With the level of dirty politics that his campaign did to Ron Paul, even committing what I believe to be violations of federal law, he has shown that he is capable of almost anything and cannot be trusted. It has been shown that his campaign was a part of intimidation, threats and coercion in forcing delegates to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury to vote for Mitt Romney on the first round when it clearly states in federal law that this is illegal:
42 USC 1971 (b) Intimidation, threats, or coercion
No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, or Member of the House of Representatives, Delegates or Commissioners from the Territories or possessions, at any general, special, or primary election held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any such candidate.
What did it gain to strip delegates from Ron Paul and ruining his chance of the plurality of delegates on his final run for President, and then when Ron Paul got affidavits from six states giving him his plurality in order to have his name entered on the ballot, having the rules committee change the rule to eight states at the last minute. Ron Paul deserved the recognition, the grassroots deserved the recognition, but they used a power grab to steal Dr. Paul's thunder, for what? Romney would have gotten the nomination anyway, he had the delegates, but decided to slap the Tea party in the face. I will now pull my vote away from Mitt Romney and I will look to Gary Johnson. Johnson will need support as Romney's campaign is now going after him in an attempt to remove him from the ballot in several key states. Romney does not care about the people, but only cares about power. He has no sense of fair play in my opinion! Google RNC attempts to get Johnson off the ballot and read for yourselves. I am tired of the establishment status quo determining who we have to choose from for any election. I am Mad as Hell and I am Not Going To Take It Anymore!!

Thomas Joseph Breslin

There are plenty enough republican, democrat, and independent conservatives out here stick of this kind of molarchy. What could we do to make or votes county and send Washington a final warning? How do we go about drafting someone we can trust like Ron Paul as a third party choice. He its a man off his word. He has refused to grip third party. But in light of this nonsense which they have pulled on him all year, maybe now he would agree to be drafted!


I believe the solution may be simple please correct me if I am wrong. Not a dime more to the RNC. Force the candidates and the RNC to go to FreedomWorks for all of their funding. Do this for every election. You don't support the will of the people then no money.

tdewey's picture
Tom and Laurie Dewey

I agree completey. For the last two years my money has only gone to freedom-oriened organizations and candidates. The ruling class gets nothing.

ruth sumners

Why change to Romney when you can have the same usurpation of individual rights from Obama.


John Sununu and the Republican Establishment will live to rue the day they blocked the grassroots from management of their own party. We represent 80% of the party. They represent the 20% of corrupt crony capatalists.
The party can not stand under these conditions. We will simply form an alternative with integrity and theirs will go away.

Mr. X

Romney is a no vote. Gary Johnson has mine now.

Bryan Ewbank

That's a bit extreme. Though I may disagree with Romney on a few things, 2012 is not the time to have a snit - until after the election. If Obama is reelected, I seriously question whether we will even have elections in 2016.

Heidi Hofacker

I will not hold my nose again and be held hostage by the progressive establishment of either party. If Romney's "people" are willing to change these rules, I don't trust them anymore than the devil I already know. If this stands, I may leave the choice for President blank and concentrate on the House and Senate candidates.

Susan Mertha

You've all said it for me. I'm done with the RNC it's time for a new Constitutionally Conservative Party. The RNC and Romney have been undercutting and fighting the grassroots movement all the way. Just look at how they've mistreated and mocked Sarah Palin. She has worked tirelessly to get conservative candidates elected at all levels since 2010 and they shut her out of the convention. They will do anything to keep their power, statis quo, and the next dud in line.

Denise Scott

You all are so right. I haven't given money to the RNC for two years. And as for Romney, I am a "none of the above" voter, as well. There was a reason that he had to fight so long and so nasty in order to finally obtain the nomination. There is a reason that George Soros said it doesn't really matter whether Obama or Romney wins. There is a reason that Jimmy Carter would be "comfortable" with Romney in the White House. What he did today is no different than the tactics the current president uses. The RNC will rue the day that they made this move. This is going to lead directly to third party candidates which, unfortunately, will mean Democrat victories for years to come. I hope that we are able to beat this back, but if not, the establishment Republicans will be the ones responsible for what befalls the nation.

Fred Frandle

Started writing a check of $0.01 with note that no vote for Romney due to Rule 12 & 15


Sadly I agree. I am also at the brink of foregoing the presidency and instead focusing my attention on the House and Senate. My hope this election cycle is that we [the conservatives] maintain the House and pick up control of the Senate.

Mr. X

Romney is a liberal in disguise. I will leave the Presidential choice blank also. I won't help the GOP establishment anymore. I start voting 3rd party in 2014, hopefully we will have a strong TEA Party separate from the Gang Of Privy.

Annette Dugan

I have been very active trying to get Romney elected. No more.