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Press Release

Urgent: Call to Protect Privacy in Oklahoma


FreedomWorks  has been closely watching the REAL ID battle in Oklahoma and other states like South Carolina.  Representative Dr. Mike Ritze has three bills ready to go that will help protect the privacy of Oklahoma citizens.  The bills protect sensitive personal information on Oklahoma citizens, stop REAL ID and enhanced driver's license implementation.

  1. H.B. 1396: prohibiting disclosure of social security number to nonaffiliated  third party
  2. H.B. 2145: "Oklahoma Personal Information Protection Act," further protecting our SS
  3. H.B. 2146: "Oklahoma Identitiy Protection Act," calling for DPS to stop collecting, storing, retaining, comparing, or sharing biometric samples/data taken from Oklahoma citizens.

Rep. Ritze needs our help to get these bills heard in committee and moved to the floor.  Please call these 3 legislators and ask that these bills be heard.  All three bills address the essential issue of protecting sensitive personal information on citizens and address privacy rights issues.

  1. Rep. Ken Miller:                     (405) 557-7360
  2. Rep. Guy Liebmann:              (405) 557-7357
  3. House Speaker Chris Benge: (405) 557-7340

As always, thank you for your time and attention to this important campaign for more freedom in Oklahoma.


Tim Gillespie