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US points the finger at EU wiretapping to justify US spying

Tapping the News – Civil Liberties – July 5


Former U.S Intelligence justify  US spying on EU by saying, "they do it too"

“Following revelations made last weekend that the United States spies on its allies, European officials - especially those in Germany and France - lashed out with searing statements conveying their outrage. And in response to uproar across the Atlantic, current and former U.S. intelligence officials and government leaders have argued that, when it comes to spying on allies, the U.S. isn't alone.

"It's well known that our allies do spy on us," said Juan Zarate, a former deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism under President George W. Bush and a senior national security analyst for CBS News. "Our allies are out to understand what we know and use it to their advantage." European leaders, he said, may be throwing stones from their proverbial glass houses. "They should check in with their own intelligence services before beginning to critique anything the U.S. does," Zarate said.”

chasram's picture
Charles Ramsay

Interesting ya, da, oui, si. how the American left which includes the mass media will react to the negative reaction the current administration is receiving from Europe. It is the American left so desirous to mimic the trends of socialized Europe. A simple word like amateur from Europe to describe the world's favorite dictator might start the well deserved crash of BHO. Typically the same drum beat to blame W Bush will be used to deflect their own entrapment