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Television Hit

Watch Deneen Borelli Debate Reasons for Ferguson Unrest

Originally Published in on 12/3/14.

Considering the social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, poor economic conditions cannot be denied as a contributing factor towards the community’s frustrations.

On Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with host Martha MacCallum and political analyst Basil Smikle.

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The night the national guard was expected to be on site, to guard small businesses from destruction., the order was not given. More to the point, the person or designated person to give the order to deploy was AWOL. Where abouts unknown to this day. See a template? Think Benghazi. Who called the governor the night before? We are left with speculation, and what the left calls ' chatter '. As long as transparency is not forced on them, they will move on, laughing behind closed doors, and secure phone calls -- the very thing they take away from us.