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Issue Analysis

We All Belong to the Government

The 2012 election is setting in stark contrast the message of the two major parties. Instead of the usual choice between the lesser of two evils or the less clearly evil of two barely distinguishable choices, the two candidates will stand firmly on the ideology of their respective parties. The leftist rhetoric and agenda of the Democrats is opening up the wide, patriotic center for the Republicans to fill. 

A video containing the shocking catch phrase "Government is the only thing we all belong to," apparently didn't raise any eyebrows in the Obama campaign or in the Democratic National Committee, both of which could be expected to have vetted the materials.

We are committed to all people. We do believe you can use government in a good way. Government's the ony thing that we all belong to. We have different churches, different clubs, but we're together as a part of our city, or our county, or our state ... and our nation.

 Attendees at the Democratic National Convention were asked to approve or disapprove of the statement. The video shows many voicing approval, but their understanding of the phrase "belong to the government" appears different from the jarring one others might have.

The Romney team responded quickly, drawing a clear distinction:

But rather than seeing themselves as chattel  of the government, belonging to it in the sense of being property, the liberals tend to see themselves as members of the government. They are proclaiming approval at belonging to a giant social club.

Indeed, the host committee video contrasts the "different churches, different clubs" with universal membership in the government club.

And yet, the membership and description of belonging to a community clearly go deeper than mere club membership. The warm, cozy feelings of protection and safety expressed by those interviewed take on an almost religious quality, far different from the wary, arms-length approach of libertarians and conservatives.

Government is not a club, because membership, such as it is, is mandatory. One doesn't voluntarily join the government, except perhaps as an employee or holder of public office.

The two parties are setting up a stark contrast for this election, which is unusal in presidential politics over the last few decades. Typically, the parties tack to "the center", to grab as many unaligned voters as possible. As The Washingon Times'  Joel Gehrke put it,

That’s a very different message from what voters heard at the Republican National Convention from Clint Eastwood. “We own this country,” Eastwood said last week, adding that politicians are just the employees of the American people. “When someone isn’t doing the job, we’ve got to let [him] go,” he also said, in calling for Obama’s defeat this year.

I am glad that this election is shaping up as one of sharp contrasts, rather than as an absurd choice between two amorphous bags of goo. The radical leftism of the Democrats is forcing, or perhaps allowing, the naturally equivocal Romney to defend positions those in his party hold dear. 

kapt.blasto's picture

Loren, I know it's been a very long time since you wrote this article. I have to tell you, though...
after seeing the brusing fight in the Primaries between the Ron Paul Forces....and the Romney Forces in the State-by-State fights...and hearing the spin from the Pro-Romney spinners, calling the Ron Paul voters, bascially "invaders," and seeing the things each state primary heads do to squelch the Paul Voters....
and THEN, seeing Ron Paul's son RAND, throw in for Romney....seen by MANY FOLKS as stabbing his Dad in the Back....
THEN, seeing what they tried to do to Ron Paul folks in the Convention, worrying about a floor fight that they didn't want to carefully-orchestrated pagentry to succumb to....
and THEN as a Cherry on top, that leaked iphone vid about Romney talking about the 47% voting for Obama for the freebies they didn't want to lose.....

All Obama had to do was stay on message, and on point, stay in Campaign mode....and well, essentially keep his powder dry, and let the Repubs self-destruct on National TV.

The kids loved the Underdog spirit of Ron Paul, and they thought the Underdog was going to pull it out, and they didn't like all the tricks that got pulled on him, and whether you know it or not they will not respect Rand for what he did to his Dad.....that's why they stayed with Obama.

Not because Obama was going to be any better (maybe worse...) but because Romney was not seen as CLEAN ENOUGH, and RON PAUL WAS....

and that's why Obama got reelected.

And that's NOT mentioning all the Spuriva Inhaler commercials with the Elephant sitting on the person laying on the couch or beach chair.....that was basically put on VERY HEAVY ROTATION nearing the Election...and you and I know it!

Unintentional Subliminal Advertising, much like the "Smiling Bob Montage" Enzyte "Male-Enhancement" Commercials put on nearing the opening of the RNC.

But nevertheless, I'm going to stay on message with you....

The secret to the National Debt, Loren, is very Simple.....

It's not Government PAYING DOWN the Debt that will eventually get rid of it....

It's Bondholders wanting something BETTER TO HOLD that will make them MORE MONEY TAX FREE that they will put down their Bonds as DOWNPAYMENT back to the Treasury to get, that will....

Argue Conventionalism all you like, but if you wish to think outside the box to get the job done....don't demand someone else do, what you won't do, that already has done the thinking, and DID the "unconventional" approach and figured out how to do something...and tell it to you.

This one comment, has the potential of reaching 50,000 readers on this Internet of ours.....perhaps 50,000 VERY influential readers, who has the capacity to ask, "Hey! I want to hear MORE of what this kid has to say! I think he makes a great point: How can we as a Nation expect to get rid of the Debt, when we're clamoring to buy it up all the time, for the "safety?" And how can we expect our Government to SPEND that money We give them, ANY OTHER WAY than what they HAVE BEEN DOING, unless we VOTE THEM OUT and VOTE IN PEOPLE that WILL spend that Bond Sale Money the way we think it ought to be spent, and....for that matter, WHY are we buying something that we KNOW the Taxation imposed is going to Weaken our Money Round-Robin over time....that will just cause us to Buy More up in the end to keep our Purchasing strength the same from the Tax-free yields we have to keep increasing, by buying up more of our Own Debt to maintain?"

just don't let your Mutual Fund brokers know that you know they know you know that there's US BONDS in them thar portfolios you clamor to get to "diversify...." if they catch wind that "you know" they'll be trying to get you aside to say, "SHHHHH! We don't want you to know you know there's bonds! Just keep it under your hat! OK?"

And what would YOU be saying, "Oh that's right! I'm not supposed to know....thank you Mr. Mutual Fund Broker! Didn't want to get in trouble with you, there! Whew!"


Robert Burbage

My taxes pay the government workers whose purpose is to serve me.

Many, myself included, have said the USA is headed towards socialism. It is far more accurate to say we became a socialist nation many years ago, we just haven't declared it officially - yet.

One encouraging development I was not expecting this year is that I will not find myself forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

lheal's picture
Loren Heal

Thanks, Robert. Sure, no candidate is perfect, but they are different enough this year that non-socialists have a clear choice.

West Coast Patriot

I disagree with this article to a point. The person writing this article is obviously a party liner and just goes along with the Republican Party no matter what it does. I say both parties are the same anymore, we are no longer a two party system, but a one party system. It is clarified in what happened at both Republican and Democratic conventions. Here we see the Democrat chair ignoring the will of their delegates. Go to youtube and type in: Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And Reinstates Jerusalem
Now we see the GOP convention chair doing the same thing in Tampa: Go to youtube and type in: Did RNC "Scripted" Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?

When will all of us wake up and stand firm against tyranny? The way we do this is to vote third party and send a clear message to both Democrat and Republican Parties that we will not take this type of tyranny anymore. The third party in this election that has freedom on their platform is the Libertarian Party. research Gary Johnson and see that he will not take our freedoms away as the apparent violations of both the status quo parties.

kapt.blasto's picture

Here's another thing, that I think might be MORE IMPORTANT to the whole problem of NATIONAL DEBT, that I'm pretty sure EVERYONE, from the DEMS to the REPS, and everyone in between, has trouble dealing with, truthfully...</p><p>No one, (and I'm very serious when I'm saying this)...NO ONE can quite come to grips with the following:</p></p><code>People will complain LOUD AND LONG over every last dime that Government SPENDS, seeing it as only TAXES coming out of their pockets....</code></p><p><code>....but when things get DICEY, (whether in General, or in their own personal situations,) Off they'll go to that BOND BROKER to get that GOVERNMENT BOND, to "*SAVE FOR THE FUTURE, GUARANTEED Double your Money, plus yields, TAX-FREE*" </code></p><p><code>...and when they go to plunk their money down, they SHUT RIGHT UP, and do not raise a PEEP, where that money they plunk down for that Bond, goes....</code></p><p><code>...where more often than not, it may very well go to THOSE SAME PLACES that they were complaining about BEFORE they went to the Bond Broker, to get that BOND...</code></p><p>You see, we'll pity the poor schmuck that hates himself, or herself, so much, when we discover them trying, or succeeding, to kick themselves in the behind. Maybe we'll marvel at their flexibility in their limbs for being able to do such a marvelous, yet masochistic feat....</p><p>But, maybe it's because we're able to achieve THE SAME THING, with a LARGE GROUP of FOLKS...</p><p>Imagine being put in a moving circle of People, and the first thing you feel, getting in, is, YOUR BEHIND getting sore by someone's foot! And you're being told, that, it's the GUY IN FRONT OF YOU, that DID IT. So what do you do? Kick the guy in the pants, in front of you...Of course he was being told the SAME THING, that you were being there all of you are, kicking yourselves round and round and round....</p><p>You know...kicking yourself in the behind, round-robin style, just so you can get justice over Your behind being sore, is still just the same as that poor schmuck kicking themselves in their behind, with flexible limbs...</p><p>Maybe, some folks are just mad at the schmuck, because he isn't "voluntarily contributing" to the group in the vicious circle...</p><p>What do you think, Loren?</p><p>KAPT BLASTO. (look for my Page on Facebook, </p><p>called,</p><p>"How to get rid of the National Debt...without breaking a sweat!"</p> <p>Maybe you'll be glad you did!)

kapt.blasto's picture

<p>Loren:</p><p></p><p>I think I've finally figured out how to maneuver my text around, so it doesn't come out looking like one big blob.</p><p>It's kinda cumbersome to type it in like this, but I think people will be able to read what I have to say, better. All for easier reading, I suppose. I think that Julie, and the other commenters, over on her articles, will be happy. (well, maybe...)</p><p><code>When you have a Government set things up, so it can play "permanent debtor" to their bank, that IT CREATED, then it really doesn't matter whether calls for "tax hikes on the rich" or "cutting the wasteful spending" gets're SCREWED either way you go!</p><p>For when a Government can say to their Citizens, "we're BROKE!" or "we're in DEBT" then...</p><p>...when one Pol gets up and says "we need to make the *rich pay their fair share*"...</p><p>then guess what? EVERYONE IS "RICH," right down to the Homeless person picking pennies up off the ground to hoard in his or her little cardboard box of a home. </p><p>It's the REALLY RICH that can afford to get that TAX LOOPHOLE for their activities from the Government, and the POOR hopes that <i>LOOPHOLE</i> "trickles down" to them, so they can use it, and when it doesn't...then you hear them complain about the "RICH *getting away with it*," and it's a vicious circle, that doesn't get anywhere.</p></code><p>And it's just as sneaky on <i>THE OTHER SIDE</i></p><p><code>For as long as Government can play "permanent Debtor," to the bank, or to anyone it wishes, and be able to say "We're SOOOO in DEBT..." then, when a Pol from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AISLE gets up and says, "We need to *live within our means* and *slash the useless spending* and *tighten our fiscal belt*"</p><p> ...then the first thing that they want to aim the Ax at, is the POOR People's Programs, and it's the REALLY RICH that can afford to keep *their* programs from the Ax.</p></code><p>So you see, when it comes to dealing with NATIONAL DEBT, you've been given the choice of dealing with two different SNAKE OILS (i.e. DRAN-O) from the same salesmen that have been peddling it to you all these years...but you know what the REALLY SICK thing is...</p><p>We LOVE EATING IT ALL UP! And they know it!

lheal's picture
Loren Heal

This site is non-partisan. You're making a logical error. Yes, the leaders of the two parties each used strong-arm tactics to get their way. But that doesn't mean that the two parties are the same. If you want a third party, going at it from the top is not the way to go. Get yourself elected to school board, library district board, etc. Find an unopposed position and run as a Libertarian or a Green Shoe Party or whatever. Do your job well, and make friends all over. Move up. Attract others to do the same thing. Communicate over the Internet. Learn how elections and politics work -- FreedomWorks will be happy to show you how. You'll have to knock on a lot of doors. Eventually, your party will be an acceptable choice. But it won't happen from the top down. The only thing Gary Johnson has a chance to do this cycle is to take enough votes away from Romney to reelect Barack Obama.