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When in Doubt, Bring in Bill Clinton

News comes this morning that President Obama, mired in the precursors to war in Syria, has decided to bring in the ringer tapping Bill Clinton to remind the country that hey, Obamacare is awesome!

As Chuck Todd says himself in that video above, "The White House believes they need Bill Clinton to do this."

Why does the White House need Bill Clinton to swoop in and save the day? A new poll by Fox News shows that the public has come to believe that the bungled rollout of Obamacare has become down right comical. "The survey found 57 percent of those polled felt the way ObamaCare was being rolled out was 'a joke.'" That's a bad sign and it gets worse.

A whopping 63-percent of Americans now believe that the President's signature health care law needs to be overhauled, and a majority of them also feel that Obamacare will increase their taxes and medical costs, something Democrats and the White House must be cringing to read.

Back to Clinton.

President Bill Clinton is being tapped to deliver a major policy speech on behalf of the White House defending and explaining the health care law, the Affordable Care Act. He'll do so at his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas, next Wednesday, one week from today.

President Obama once gave Clinton the title "Secretary of Explaining Stuff," although later admitting that was the censored version of the truly noble title.

The timing of Clinton's speech is fortuitous, as it comes just one month before the much maligned health care "marketplaces" are set to go online. The establishment of these exchanges has been part of the "joke" that Americans have watched Obamacare become, and is undoubtedly one of the key points that Clinton will seek to rebut in his speech.

To Clinton's credit, there is no better politician to do this for the Democrats. I met President Clinton once when I was in college and I have to say, he's a likable guy, at least he was at the time, since he was still President. Even though I disagreed with the vast majority of his policies, the guy could work a room like nobody else. If anyone can sell this train wreck of a law, he can.

That being said, when a growing majority of Americans realize Obamacare is a disaster that will lead to worse, not better, outcomes for them, it's a tall order to turn this sinking ship around indeed, even for the Secretary of Explaining...well, you know.

Jonathan Gillispie

Bill Clinton is the wing man for when something goes array. And he's pretty effective in this role. Dems will need him a lot for this job.