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When It Rains, It Pours on ObamaCare


As public and political opposition mounts, FreedomWorks has compiled a list of relevant articles and videos in the fight against government-run healthcare. Fight on and enjoy!

    Sen. Coburn (R, OK), a former doctor himself, hits it out of the park in this video:

           h/t Club For Growth

    Politico lends insight into the new road blocks emerging against the Obama administration's plans for health reform:

    Some policy analysis from Michael D. Tanner of the CATO Institute:

    Wall Street Journal opinion writer Kimberly Strassel has a fantastic piece on Safeway's successful, pro-free market healthcare policies under CEO Steve Burd. The Potomac Watch:

    And, if you're still not convinced (or just want to hear more!), check out this video of everyone's favorite doctor, Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX): (Home page, 6/18/09)

           h/t Campaign for Liberty