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Press Release

Where do NC candidates stand on limited government issues?


*UPDATED - now includes two more candidate surveys*

With the North Carolina primary election next Tuesday, it's important to know where our candidates for the state legislature stand on the limited government, free market issues that are important to us like property taxes, annexation, and school choice, just to name a few.

On behalf of the more than 40,000 members of North Carolina FreedomWorks, our 2011-2012 candidate survey was sent to all candidates for the North Carolina legislature.  This report represents those surveys received by April 29, 2010.


1.    I pledge that in order to keep the burden of taxation in North Carolina no higher than its present level plus inflation, I will support a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

2.    I pledge to support a constitutional amendment on eminent domain in order to protect private property rights in North Carolina.   

3.    I pledge to support true forced annexation reform by supporting legislation: 

(a) Prohibiting municipalities from annexing an area unless the area is in clear need of water   and sewer, police, or fire services and the municipality can provide that service (North Carolina Supreme Court, Nolan v. Village of Marvin).

(b) Requiring county commission review and approval of forced annexations.      

(c) Requiring a simple majority vote of the property owners in the proposed area to be annexed. 

(d) Requiring annexing municipalities, not forcibly annexed citizens, to be    financially responsible for water and sewer infrastructure.                   

4.    I pledge to vote to remove the cap on North Carolina’s charter schools.                                                                                    
5.    I pledge to vote to support legislation to repeal the local option real estate transfer tax.                                                                               
6.    I pledge to vote to support legislation to repeal the local option sales tax.                                                                                       
7.    I pledge to vote against new taxes.                   

8.    I pledge to vote against tax increases.           

Only yes and no answers are reflected.  When a candidate sent an additional response, an asterisk appears.  For the additional information, please contact: Kathy Hartkopf, Legislative Liaison, North Carolina FreedomWorks:  919-599-0273 or

Please click HERE to see the complete results.

Following the Legislative Candidate Survey Report is a breakdown of N.C. Legislative Votes, taken during the 2009 long session, that were of particular interest to North Carolina FreedomWorks.  Our position on each bill is noted.  All votes were recorded using Second Reading.

Please feel free to share this important information with your family and friends.  Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, May 4th!