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Who pays?


Politicians don't like to say who really ends up paying, not just for the massive bailouts on the horizon, but for programs, earmarks, and the day to day waste in government spending.  Few connect the dots between the billions - or in the case of Fannie and Freddie trillions - they write into legislation as if it were Monopoly money and the very real, hardworking Americans who truly foot the bills.  Like Elaine's former boss Mr. Lippman in "The Muffin Tops," politicians wave their hands in the air and say "The money is all in the air. They're in the air."  As if the dollars never really belonged to anyone before.

Sen. DeMint's office captured a striking example of this mentality at the Fannie Mae hearings earlier this week as the Senate questioned Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who was finally forced to admit to the courageous Sen. Bunning that It's not just "government," the money's not just "in the air," it's taxpayers who are going to be on the hook for this travesty.

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