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Why is the Chamber Endorsing Democrats?

Most businesses offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their goods or services. We have heard about it all time, most of us even taken advantage of this offer from time to time. In light of this, it would be interesting to ask whether the U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers the same level of guarantee to their members that the rest of us get from them. Because if they do, it is about time their members start asking for their money back.

Members of the Chamber join because they need a voice in Washington to fight against the federal intrusion we see year after year. They expect the Chamber to fight on their behalf and promote candidates who are going to serve in the best interests of the business community. However, it is time for the members to take notice, because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is failing them. Case in point, once again the Chamber has decided to diversify their portfolio and endorse Democrats for Congress in 2014. The same party that gave us a federal takeover of health care, fought to increase the minimum wage, and regulate every business into the ground is running candidates with the Chamber seal of approval.

The Chamber will be the first to admit they are not a political party or politically leaning organization, and that they endorse candidates based on their guiding principles. That is an important point to make, because it leads to the question of why an organization guided solely by policy is endorsing candidates who identify with a political party that is hell bent against those same principles. The simple answer is power and misdirection.

Last month, the Chamber proudly announced they had endorsed Congressman Scott Peters (D) against Republican challenger Carl DeMaio, saying, “We believe that your re-election [Scott Peters] to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create jobs, and get our country back on track.”

Peters is the fourth Democratic congressional candidate the organization has decided to support this year. The other three are Reps. John Barrow (Ga.), Henry Cuellar (Tex.) and Jim Costa (Calif.) Peters has a 69% score on the Chamber’s own legislative scorecard. Most grading scales place Mr. Peters’ score as an F, but as far as the Chamber is concerned, Mr. Peters is just as good as a Member of Congress who actually fights tirelessly for economic freedom.

The Chamber never mentioned any particular reason for supporting these candidates, just insubstantial political fluff. And with such a low score, the reason why is obvious. Frankly, it would be hard for them to make a real argument in support of their decision. Mr. Peters voted Against repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call #154, 5/16/2013), votes with Democrats 83% of time, and is a card carrying member of a political party that, at best, looks down on business owners

Since 2008, the Chamber backed 52 Democrats (which worked out great for the members of Chamber during the ObamaCare vote.) The Chamber made these decisions not based on policy, but based on strategic planning and PR promoting. They want to be in the room when major bills are being discussed, but the cost of that is seat is backing people that hardly have the Chamber’s best interests at heart. It is time for business leaders to complain and, more importantly, to ask for their money back. They deserve an organization that prizes real value over political power.

Pioneer Girl's picture
Pioneer Girl

We now have an alternative to AARP. Who will start the alternative to the Chamber of Commerce? Certainly businesses deserve no less!

kanawah's picture

They are endorsing democrats because they realize the teatard republicans are on the verge of destroying our nation, completely.

san7ma's picture
Sandra M

This boy is a troll. He did not understand any of your abbreviations, as he is not a learned individual. He can only reiterate what he has memorized from the progressive pages he is able to locate. The only thing we can wish for is they take themselves out of the gene pool. If there is a revolution in this country, which this great King has made very possible, then I know who will be in my sights - muslims, illegals and those hyphenated people.

Paul Hefer's picture
Paul Hefer

Listen to the libturd ballet school economics talking. Duh!

Since the libturd messiah has taken charge we have had the following
150% increase in Americans receiving welfare, up to 100 million form 40 million
150% increase in gas prices
Lowest LPR in 50 years
Avg > 8% unemployment rate over the past 6 years IN SPITE of low LPR
Biggest wage gap between rich and poor since the civil war
Less people employed today than in Feb 2009
Biggest growth in national debt in human history
Biggest national debt in human history
Loss of the AAA credit rating, the first in our history
Record level US companies offshoring, including Burger King of late
The biggest single increase in healthcare premiums, copays and deductibles in American history
The biggest amount of healthcare policy cancellations in American history.

Yeeeha! Libturd economics 101 at work. Yeeeeha!